My biggest challenge coming into this training was my upper limitation placed on my growth and self-expression; really, on my freedom to be myself. As I sat in class the phrase, “Bull in a China Shop” kept shouting at me from behind. My mother who was a quieter, softer person, used to say that to me and about me when I was growing up. During a class break I sat by the ocean and tapped on that phrase, “Bull in a China Shop”. The first unwinding cam around “China Shop”. What good is a China Shop anyway? It’s full of breakable stuff, disaster waiting to happen. And, they are full of beautiful delicate creations of beauty. The second unwinding came around the Bull. What good are bulls anyway? Noisy, smelly, destructive, over-sized creatures! Also, bulls are protectors. Fierce protectors, powerful protectors of cows and herds. Big and strong. Why would a bull want to go into a china shop anyway? Is there ever a reason for that? I might want to shop around, and I could choose to be careful for the period of time in the china shop. Maybe the china shop has wide aisles just for me! That was a big shift for me, and I feel an expansion around my chest, a freedom in my heart and throat. Thank you Dawson, for sharing your knowing.

— Michelyn Gjurasic

have been extremely interested in EFT for years. After taking the level 1 & 2 trainings with Dawson Church, I am absolutely convinced that this ia a gift that everyone deserves to receive. Dawson has so much scientific as well as anecdotal evidence to support the benefits of EFT, one cannot help but understand the concepts fully and better practice tapping. Seriously, this is one of the easiest, grooviest tools for personal growth and Dawson Church presents it with love and humor and science – you can’t beat that!

— Dianne Brooke

I took the Energy Psychology course with Dawson Church at Esalen in December 2015. My challenge was dealing with the limiting belief that I won’t have enough money for retirement. After Tapping on this, the feeling of terror is gone. I’m back in my right mind and can think clearly to actually do something about it. Thank you Dawson. I plan to use this skill often.

— Belva Fay

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I arrived to this training as a blank slate, with limited knowledge of EFT and no expectations. It is amazing to me how powerful this technique is, and how quickly thoughts and the energy impact around them shift. Dawson’s presentation of the material is vibrant and easy to follow. I have gone from skeptic to excited to continue towards certification.

— Gayle Rideout