YES DAWSON!  I’m ready to become a Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner and 10X my impact in the world and earn a great living doing what I love. I’m excited to go through the 7 modules that will give me the confidence, the skills and the marketing I need to succeed.


YES DAWSON!  I understand today’s investment is protected with your unprecedented DOUBLE your money back guarantee. I understand that once I become certified and apply the marketing system… if I don’t make my investment back within 12 months, I’ll receive DOUBLE MY INVESTMENT BACK. I have absolutely nothing to lose… and a whole new world to gain.

- Module 1: The Science and Practices of Energy Psychology
- Module 2: The Practice of Energy Psychology and EFT
- Module 3: The Psychology of Coaching
- Module 4: Professional Ethics
- Module 5: Practicing Your Craft (LIVE Workshop)
- Module 6: Demonstrating Your Skills
- Module 7: The 5 Step Abundant Clients System For Energy Practitioners

I understand I will be supported every step of the way with:

- Live Q&A Calls with Dawson & Matt (for marketing)
- Ongoing email support to help with accessing online material
- Live events
- Mentoring
- Private community access

YES! Become Certified Now

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Congratulations on enrolling for Energy Psychology Certification!

You've selected the option stating that you're already certified in EFT. If for some reason you chose this option in error and you are not certified in EFT, click your browser's "Back" button to continue the enrollment process.

For All Certified EFT Practitioners: Since you're already certified in EFT, you are eligible for an additional discount. After you enroll below, simply email a copy of your certification certificate to us and we will confirm your status. You will be placed on a special "Practitioner Track" for Energy Psychology certification. We recognize the following certifications: AAMET/AMT, ACEP, ACH, EFT Universe, and Emofree. Enroll below now.

Once you have enrolled, and we have received your email that includes your certificate, we will email you to confirm that you have been approved for the Practitioner Track of the Energy Psychology certification program.

The Practitioner Track: On this track, you will not be required to complete Module 5 which consists of a Clinical EFT Level 1 and 2 workshop. Also, the number of case histories you are required to present in Module 6 will be reduced.

For Practitioners Already Certified by EFT Universe: You have already completed the Ethics module and exam (Module 4) and will not be required to take it again. Enroll below now.

For EFT Universe Practitioner Candidates: You can complete both EFT and Energy Psychology training and receive certification in both. The procedure is simple. Enroll below now. Email us a copy of the Practitioner Application Form you filled out earlier, when you began the EFT Universe certification process, and we will confirm your status. You will then complete your EFT certification first, after which you will be placed on the Practitioner Track to complete Energy Psychology certification. You will be exempt from the same requirements as an already-certified EFT Universe practitioner.

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