Dear Soon-To-Be Life Changer,

Are you one of the following: a coach, therapist, doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, energy worker, tai chi expert, reiki master, EFT practitioner, health counselor, yoga instructor, personal trainer, teacher, parent, or retiree — who would like to add proven energy skills to your skill set?

Do you want to increase your success rate by adding the most cutting edge coaching and behavioral change techniques to your process?

Would you like to become a CONFIDENT ENERGY WORKER, trained and empowered with the most effective, scientifically proven energy healing skills?

Are you ready to grow your business with new, motivated clients — and dramatically increase your income in the next 12 months?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions above you’re in the right place because…

My team and I have created the most comprehensive training and certification program in the field of Energy Psychology.

Energy Psychology is one of the fastest growing careers because the evidence of it’s effectiveness is being proven over and over again by science and people want results.

By becoming a Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner, it will either:

  • Add a whole skill set that will make your ability to transform lives even more effective than before.
  • Or become the most rewarding career of your life, as you help your clients overcome their fears, pain and traumas so they can become happy, joyous and free.
Dawson Church

My name is Dawson Church, and I’m a health researcher, author and Energy Psychology educator.

For the past 40 years, my passion has been helping people eliminate the physical and emotional blocks that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

For my entire career, I’ve been driven to understand the science behind energy work and miraculous healing.

I’ve been involved in over 100 scientific studies on energy healing that have been published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals. I've collaborated with researchers at prestigious universities such as Harvard Medical School, Columbia University, Washington University, California Pacific Medical Center and many more.

My best-known book is called The Genie in Your Genes. It has won several awards and is used as a textbook in a number of college courses.

I’ve also been privileged to collaborate with many of the top people in the field of personal transformation, including: John Gray, Jack Canfield, Donna Eden, Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Robert Kiyosaki, Christiane Northrup, Neale Donald Walsch, Dan Siegel, Eric Leskowitz, and Marci Shimoff.

In the past few years, I’ve trained over 5,000 people. That might seem like a lot, but my dream is that every person who is suffering… and everyone who is in the business of helping others... will have access to this type of deep physical and emotional healing.

It is my intention to train a million people in my lifetime, and that each one of us then has 10X the impact in the world. That’s what drove me to create a program with the potential to reach millions of people who are suffering:

...The Energy Psychology Certification program. And I’m proud and excited to invite you to join me.

The certification is based on evidence-based practices proven in over 100 clinical trials. It trains practitioners in state-of-the art, neuroscience-based techniques. It provides you with personalized world-class instruction, expert guidance, and top-notch marketing skills.

I look forward to joining you as we bring these transformative methods…

After being in this field for 40 years, I really saw a big NEED. Many practitioners wanted more training, more guidance and better marketing skills. This certification will give you all this and much more.

The Energy Psychology Certification is the most comprehensive, in-depth training program of its kind.

The Energy Psychology Certification program contains 7 powerful modules, 6 of which you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a brief description of each module.

Module 1: The Science and Practices of Energy Psychology

New scientific breakthroughs in fields like neural plasticity and epigenetics are revolutionizing our understanding of healing.

Science is now tracing the biological pathways through which “miraculous” recoveries can occur, as well as giving us the key information we need to raise our levels of health and vitality.

Module 1 contains 12 powerful lessons. Each one revealing some mind-blowing new fact as well as research that you can use to take your energy work to new heights.

You’ll be trained in 12 powerful energy techniques validated by recent scientific discoveries. It also provides you with all the key scientific knowledge required for certification in Energy Psychology. It’s important to have this foundation because many clients require the logical explanations, studies and evidence to believe in what you’re doing.


Each section includes audio, video, and written content — so you can use whichever learning style you prefer.

You’ll upgrade your ability to quickly release stress and promote health in yourself and your clients.


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Module 1 — Part 1:

The Genie in Your Genes

Module 1 Part 1

Epigenetics is an exciting new scientific field that’s revealing that we can control and change our genes. How amazing is that?

In this section, we will share some specific techniques that will allow you turn on healthy genes in yourself and your clients… and turn off unhealthy ones. Here’s a small sample of what you’re going to learn inside of Module 1:

  • Discover the one unusual muscle in your body that instantly relaxes you and releases all your anxiety, stress, and worry.
  • How evolution bred human beings to have a lightning-fast biological response to stressors - even imaginary ones.
  • How to use your mind to boost the amount of “healing proteins” and circulation stem cells in your immune system.
  • How to rapidly turn off the “fight or flight” hormone cascade that gets triggered whenever you’re stressed, angry, or frustrated.
  • And much more…

Module 1 — Part 2:

You: The Ultimate Epigenetic Engineer

In Part 2, we continue diving deeper into the wonderful world of epigenetics. This time focusing on repairing emotional damage.

Most of people’s emotional patterns are formed during childhood. These patterns influence which genes are expressed in adulthood. Childhood stress has been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, bone fractures, hepatitis, and many other diseases.

Stress isn’t just psychological; it has dramatic effects on your body, and can rob you and your clients of decades of health.

However, with these scientifically proven stress-reduction techniques, you can reverse the process.

Here are some of the incredible insights you’re going to receive:

  • The most powerful skill you can use to signal your nervous system to calm down when feeling anxious, tense, and scared.
  • How childhood trauma can lead to chronic diseases as an adult, and how to “clean the past” without spending years in psychotherapy.
  • How to change your beliefs and boost your health and immune system. Studies have found that one particular belief can reduce the chance of death after hospital discharge by up to 75%.
  • A scientifically proven meditation you can use to reduce your blood pressure, lower cortisol, and reduce pain.
  • And much more…

Module 1 — Part 3:

The Malleable Genome

There are also different categories of genes, and certain stress-related genes are critical to your health and those of your clients.

In Part 3 of Module 1 you’ll discover how you can change behaviors and emotions to set up powerful changes in your cells and organs.

Here’s a taste of what you’re going to learn:

  • The most important genes you need to focus on with your clients as a Certified Energy Psychology practitioner.
  • How to express good genes and silence bad genes throughout the day to harmonize your biological rhythms and feel great all day long.
  • Lacking energy? You’ll finally understand how to turn on the right genes to give your body a steady energetic stream.
  • How to stop negative thoughts from taking over your clients’ minds and avoid what I call the “dark side of neural plasticity.”
  • How to use a powerful technique called “quick coherence plus” to lower stress and feel more confident, relaxed, and full of love.
  • And much, much more…

Module 1 — Part 4:

The Piezoelectric Body

We’re all familiar with the electrical currents that we use to power our devices. But did you know that each of your organs including your heart, your kidneys, your brain, has its own electromagnetic field? The electric field of a healthy organ is quite different from an unhealthy one, and disease shows up in the body’s electromagnetic fields before it appears at the molecular level. In this section, you’ll discover …

  • How to dramatically improve the flow of electrical energy throughout your body.
  • A simple exercise almost instantly puts your brain in a relaxed “alpha state.”
  • And much, much more…

Module 1 — Part 5:

The Conductive Crystals

In Part 5 of Module 1, we continue to dive into piezoelectricity. Your cells use piezoelectricity (electrical energy generated by pressure) to communicate with each other

Your connective tissue: the cartilage, ligaments and tendons of your body — is composed of collage. Cartilage is made of crystalline molecules, which makes it a superb semiconductor.

As energy workers, we can use these semiconductors to channel information as well as energy to various parts of the body.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’re going to learn in this section.

  • Discover the most important organ in your body for communicating energy.
  • How piezoelectric charges are created in the body and how to use them in the healing process.
  • How electromagnetic energy travels through the body — a key concept to understand as an energy practitioner.
  • And much, much more…

Module 1 — Part 6:

Belief Therapy

Our beliefs also have a dramatic effect on our health, and the placebo response rivals the effectiveness of many drugs.

This is why negative beliefs can really harm our health dramatically.

The “fight or flight” response activates the stress hormones in your body.

Our bodies go into “fight or flight” mode when we think of traumatic memories the same way we respond to physical life — or — death threats.

Here’s some of the gems you’re going to receive in Part 6:

  • How to elicit and release subconscious beliefs that hinder you from loving yourself and your loved ones.
  • How to permanently reverse the emotional damage that negative and limiting beliefs have had on you.
  • How belief changes can produce electromagnetic field shifts that trigger gene expression.
  • And much, much more…
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Module 1 — Part 7:

Entangled Strings

Distant healing has been practiced for millennia, and while it is well documented, science has not yet able to explain how it works.

When a healer is in the same room as the client, the effects can be explained by electromagnetic fields that extend up to 20 feet from the body.

How do we explain medically documented healing that happens thousands of miles away? New explanations from string theory and quantum entanglement are starting to provide a framework for understanding the mechanisms of distant healing. In Part 7 of Module 1, you’ll discover...


  • The science behind distant healing and how people have been healed of illnesses from thousands of miles away.
  • How to tap into the the power of intention to improve your results with your clients.
  • The reason behind why prayers, belief, and intention can lead to spontaneous healings that are unexplainable by modern medicine.
  • How you can use your thoughts and imagination to change your reality.
  • And much, much more…

Module 1 — Part 8:

Increasing Your Intuitive Powers

Want to increase your intuitive powers? If so, you’re going to love Part 8.

Research dating back as early as the 1940s has shown that our bodies can perceive events that haven’t happened yet.

In Part 8 of Module 1, you’ll discover ….


  • How the universe communicates with your consciousness and your brain.
  • The scientific explanation for how your body can predict the future.
  • Why your reality is manifested by what you hold in your beliefs, emotions, and intentions.
  • Scientific evidence that shows how your subconscious forms your reality and how to take advantage of this discovery.
  • And much, much more…

Module 1 — Part 9:

The Power Of Miracles

I have many physician friends, and they often tell me stories of miraculous healings unexplainable by modern medicine.

One study found that 55% of all doctors had witnessed miraculous recoveries in their patients.

What can you do to tap into the power of miracles with your own energy work?

Here’s what you’ll discover in Part 9 of Module 1…


  • The non-linear process that helps harness the power of miracles with your clients.
  • A powerful exercise that allows you to release anger, worry, frustration, and other emotions in just moments.
  • How to use “heart tapping” to break associations between past trauma and emotional pain and achieve “miraculous breakthroughs.”
  • And much, much more…

Module 1 — Part 10:

Energy Psychology

Traumatic experiences: a car crash, the death of a loved one, physical assaults, war, divorce, lawsuits — all affect us deeply.

They may only last for a few days or weeks... but their effects can haunt us our whole lives.

Conventional therapy tells us that we will heal slowly, if at all.

The symptoms of many of those who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often become worse over time, as their neural networks are shaped by continuous mental stress.

The great news is, there are studies showing that with energy work, PTSD symptoms can be improved dramatically in just a few therapy sessions.

In Part 10 of Module 1, you’ll discover …


  • How energy psychology gets rid of phobias and emotional trauma once and for all.
  • Three scientific trials you can reference that prove to your doubtful clients that EFT can get rid of their pain with lasting results.
  • A simple EFT process that quickly releases deep emotional trauma and activates self-acceptance and love.
  • And much, much more…

Module 1 — Part 11:

Activating The Happiness Genes

After studying this section, you’ll learn how happiness is a SWITCH… and how to help your clients switch from “discontent” to “happiness” rapidly.

When we become happier it triggers the expression of genes that boost levels of DHEA, our main cell rejuvenation hormone. Plus happiness simultaneously downregulates the cortisol and stress genes.

That’s why happiness is good for our health.

In Part 11 of Module 1, you’ll learn …


  • How to activate the happiness genes inside yourself and your clients.
  • How to use the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) — a quick and easy way of lowering your stress.
  • How to use your mind to boost the amount of “healing proteins” in your immune system.
  • And much, much more…

Module 1 — Part 12:

Tapping Into A World of Healing

Energy healing has been used successfully used in some of the most horrific emotional traumas on Earth including extreme cases like the genocide in Rwanda, the earthquake in Haiti, and with war veterans suffering from PTSD (after seeing their comrades die in battle).

In the final Part of Module 1, we examine how to achieve spectacular successes and how we can positively impact the world one client at a time …


  • How to send healing energy to friends you love, family you love, and others you love.
  • How EFT can help reduce PTSD symptoms by over 60% in just a few sessions.
  • Why Energy Psychology has become a grassroots movement with millions of people creating social change.
  • And much, much more…

Module 2: The Practice of Energy Psychology and EFT

The most popular form of Energy Psychology, used by millions of people all over the world, is EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques.

The scientific principles used in EFT are similar to those used in many other Energy Psychology tools taught in this certification.

module 2

In this module, you’ll discover the fundamentals of how to use EFT, and how you can use it to help people with psychological and physical challenges or pain.

EFT has been scientifically proven in over 100 scientific trials to help people quickly resolve trauma, emotional pain, physical suffering and relationship challenges.

Many people have used EFT to achieve new levels of success in their: career, sports, health, finances and spirituality.

Module 2 is a comprehensive MASTER CLASS in EFT. You’ll discover the 48 EFT techniques that the best energy workers use.

This is based on the same course material used in our $4,000 EFT certification program.

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There are over 600 scientific studies proving the effectiveness of energy healing. Here a just a few of the most inspiring EFT studies.

  • Research published in top psychiatry journals shows that Energy Psychology boosts your gene expression for optimal health.
  • Studies show that EFT reduces your stress hormones like cortisol.
  • The average reduction in pain in 5 studies is 68%.
  • Everyone knows that dieters always regain all the weight they lost, right? Not after Energy Psychology. Six clinical trials show they keep on losing weight over the subsequent year.
  • Research shows that after EFT, cravings for chocolate, tobacco and alcohol drop by an average of 83%.

Module 2 will train you in all 48 Clinical EFT techniques. Here’s a sample of the skills and tactics you’re going to develop in Module 2:

  • How to use the “SUD scale” in your EFT practice to know exactly how much suffering you’re clients are experiencing… and how quickly they’re making progress.
  • Discover where all the tapping points on the body are and what’s the optimal sequence for maximum results.
  • How to use the “reminder phrase” while tapping for releasing past traumatic events in depth.
  • The 5 step EFT formula for releasing the emotional sting of old memories and events.
  • How to create powerful “setup statements” that are used together with tapping in your EFT practice.
  • 3 proven questions you can ask your clients to identify core issues that EFT and energy psychology can help heal.
  • 8 simple steps to using the “Movie Technique” with your clients — an EFT technique that allows for buried pain to be released and freed.
  • The Personal Peace Procedure: A 5 step process to clearing decades of emotional charge from the past. This is perfect for helping clients who have had an overwhelming number of difficult experiences in their lives.


  • 5 steps you can take with clients who report that EFT and tapping “isn’t working” for them.
  • Over 25 of the most common questions about EFT that clients often have. Knowing these answers, you’ll be confident in your practice with clients.
  • 3 tested EFT Gentle Techniques that you can use to help clients who have experienced severe emotional trauma. Gentle Techniques are a critical tool for your clients who get overwhelmed by emotion.
  • How to adapt your EFT practice to unique situations… such as with children, groups, clients with physical pain, and more … so you can be confident with whatever problem your client brings to you.
  • And more …

Module 3: The Psychology of Coaching

To achieve spectacular results with the majority of your clients, it’s vital to work with them on all 5 levels:

  • Energetically
  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally
  • Intellectually
  • Physically

If you only work on people on one level, they will rarely experience lasting change.

Their old behavioral patterns take over. Their unconscious negative emotions and beliefs sabotage their success.

You can greatly improve your effectiveness as an energy healer by working with people and their emotional and intellectual challenges.

Mastering the psychology of coaching will give you the keys to helping people on all 5 levels. Your success rate will go up exponentially as a result.

From understanding your client’s goals and dreams… to identifying their subconscious barriers to success… to reading their body language… all require a solid understanding of the psychology of coaching.

This module will give you the methods to help you succeed with tough clients who are struggling with behavioral changes.

With the skills in this module you’ll evolve into a confident, powerful, loving coach and practitioner.

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Once you've got the energy skills, the next phase is to become a highly effective coach.

As the legendary artist Michelangelo said: "I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free"

This is a beautiful mindset to possess as a energy worker.

Here are some of the powerful coaching skills, strategies and tactics you're going to possess after you finish Module 3:

  • How to avoid common mistakes like "analyzing the root cause," "solving their problems" and "educating" them. This is NOT what great coaching is about.
  • How to engineer a powerful collaborative environment that motivates and inspires your clients to go for their biggest goals, visions and dreams.

What kind of coach are you...

Are you a business coach? Life coach? Health coach? Spiritual coach? Money coach? Relationship coach? Career coach? Sports coach?

We'll help you understand the differences and choose the right path for you. This is critical for your marketing and success.

Here are some of the powerful practical tips, strategies,and tactics you’re going to get in Module 3:

  • One of the keys to coaching mastery is to balance the "doing skills" with the "being skills." We'll show you how to achieve that perfect balance.
  • Connect with clients quickly identifying the REAL WHY. Why are they looking for help? There are 12 common categories that the majority of clients fall into. Knowing these categories allows you to understand them, speak their language and bond with them.
  • Quickly master the complete coaching process: From how to begin the relationship... to creating the ideal first session... to evolving the coaching relationship on a weekly basis... monthly basis... and even creating powerful multi-year bonds that produce life-changing benefits for both of you.
  • The heart of coaching is: RELATIONSHIP. It's a unique relationship unlike any of the other relationships in our lives. We'll give you all the keys for creating strong, open, safe relationship with all your clients.
  • WARNING: Please avoid dropping the 3 "negative emotional bombs" that will repel your clients and make them "shut down." Lots of coaches use these and destroy any hope of a long lasting connection.
  • PRO TIP: Avoid trying to rush and "get down to business" when you start a session. Otherwise, trust and rapport will be lost. We need to slow down and be present. Clients appreciate this.
  • How to easily establish trust and rapport with a prospective client right off the bat. This is the key that will keep them coming back and have them talk to their friends about you.
  • Should you open up and share your struggles and challenges with your clients? We address this important question in depth.
  • The simple secret for consistently "WOWING" clients... Most coaches do the exact opposite and create disappointment.
  • Are you "working harder" than your clients when coaching them? If so, you're making a BIG mistake. We'll show you how to reverse this and become far more effective.
  • Amplify your power with Mindfulness. This is one of the key energy skills you'll develop in Module 1. It's not only a highly effective energy skill, but it's also one of the most powerful coaching attributes.
  • You're going to love the 4 step mindfulness ritual that you should do in the beginning of EVERY coaching session. It instantly puts you "in the zone." Best of all, it only takes 30 seconds.
  • Master the 3 core coaching skills and you'll be ahead of 90% of the other energy workers out there...
  • How to go "behind the words" of your clients and TRULY HEAR what they're saying and what they want. Once you learn this, clients will bond with you like never before.
  • IMPORTANT: Avoid asking "close - ended questions." Instead ask "open - ended questions" that encourage your client to open up. There are 2 key words that you should start most of your questions with to keep you on track.
  • BE CAREFUL: some questions can easily be perceived as "judgmental." We'll explain how to avoid this common mistake.
  • One of the most important coaching abilities is "Change Talk." It allows the client to see their own thoughts and help them perceive it differently.
  • How and when to use "Positive Reframing" to help clients change their perception. This is VITAL when your clients are struggling.
  • Discover how to "Champion Your Clients" at all times. This will keep them energized, motivated and driven. You'll learn 3 things you should do EVERY session to maximize their positivity.
  • You'll get a proven list of Do's and Don'ts that you should always keep handy. This simple checklist will help you become a great energy worker.
  • Would you like to learn a potent system for behavioral change based on 25 years of research? Its proven highly effective against even the toughest challenges like stopping smoking.
  • There are 5 stages of change. We’ll show you how to identify where you’re clients are and… How to smoothly guide your clients though the 5 phases. Each phase requires unique strategies.
  • The 4 steps for preparing your client to change. Each one of these increases their odds of success.
  • Why you MUST connect with your clients EMOTIONALLY to motivate change. If you only approach them on an intellectual level — it won't have enough power to inspire them.
  • How to use "Decisional Balance" when you start working with a new client. It really helps their minds "buy into the process."
  • CRITICAL: Please don't set inappropriate goals with your clients that have a high chance of failure. It's vital to build a "momentum of success." These small wins pump up their belief levels, which helps them succeed even more. It's a powerful cycle that must be established from the get - go.
  • PRO TIP: It's far more effective (and profitable) to get your clients into a 6 month or 12 month program. Quite often 3 months is NOT enough time to create the change they want.
  • Ever had a confused client? If so, you'll love the "Appreciative Interview Protocol." It's a wonderful way to work with clients who aren't sure what they want.
  • Just like Vegas, we can help our clients "stack the odds" in their favor. This is why coaching them to build an "environment of success" is one of your most important missions.
  • How to master Non Violent Communication. This is a cornerstone for all effective communication and unless you do some extensive training on this, it’s normal to have some negative unconscious communication patterns. Don’t worry… Most of us have these blind spots — and you’ll be able to easily eliminate them with this training.
  • Want to help clients see their weaknesses? Then use double-sided reflections. It’s an extremely powerful way to help clients see their own limitations.
  • One of the most rewarding aspects of being an energy worker is “generative moments.” This is when clients are inspired and uncover new capacities. Old patterns are smashed… We’ll give you several tools for consistently creating generative moments with all your clients.
  • Feeling resistance from your clients sometimes? We’ll show you how to deal with it and use it to their advantage.
  • Three ways to optimize your client's joy and happiness IMMEDIATELY.
  • CRITICAL: You MUST properly evaluate the physical and mental RISKS before working with a client. Not doing this can open you up to some serious legal problems. We show you exactly how to avoid them.
  • Dramatically increase your coaching powers by optimizing your communication for each client. You do this by learning the 7 learning modes and 7 learning styles.
  • We will give you several proven evaluation tools that you can use for knowing your clients better than they know themselves. These tools make it easy for you to understand Business Success and connect with every new client.
  • How to build compelling visions that motivate and inspire your clients. This is key part of the initial phase of your relationship. Our 14 step formula is one of the strongest ways to build impactful visions.
  • Discover the difference between vision and goals… good goals and bad goals… Behavioral goals and desired outcomes… And how to use all of them to create an unstoppable motivational power inside your clients.

We give you a step-by-step outline for building a powerful transformation program and running effective sessions.

  • How to welcome people in their first session and set them up for success.
  • How to structure the initial phase of your relationship.
  • Checklists to make sure you hit all the key points at each stage of the coaching relationship: before the first session, at the first session, at subsequent sessions, and a periodic review of goals.
  • And much, much more...

The capstone of the Coaching Psychology module includes two sections that are unique to our program. They train you in neurosciece-based skills that are found in no other coaching program available today. These include:

  • The Neurobiology of Transformation. You'll learn the brain states and neurological changes your clients will experience in the course of lasting change.
  • Set Points. These are the unconscious limits that determine our potential. Your ability as a coach to identify the set points of your clients is essential. This skill allows you to craft the most effective strategies to raise those set points, and make informed choices about when and how to lead a client past their blocks.
  • Thriving. Beyond just getting better, you'll understand what accelerating far above the client's old baseline looks like. You'll learn the 14 characteristics of people who thrive - and how to awaken clients into this state.
  • Peak States. Peak experiences aren't an accident. You can learn to cultivate them deliberately. You'll understand the neurochemistry and epigenetics of peak states, and how to turn them into permanent traits installed in your clients at the cellular level.

Module 4: Professional Ethics

Ethical principles are far more than mere rules or regulations — they are maps for bringing out your best as a caregiver and healer.

Responding to a lack of articulated or standardized ethical guidelines for energy healing practitioners, we commissioned the publication of two of the best textbooks on the subject.

Your awareness of the guidelines in this module will keep you out of ethical and legal conflicts with clients, regulatory bodies, and government organizations.

After completing this module you’ll have a clear understanding of the ethical principles and boundaries to maintain as a certified energy practitioner.

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There are many reasons why we have an entire module dedicated to professional ethics. They include:

  • Eliminating the risks of lawsuits.
  • How to avoid hurting your clients by “crossing the lines.”
  • Why it's essential to understand how to interface with doctors, nurses, psychologists, and members of the medical profession.
  • How to deal with the most delicate clients.
  • And much more...

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn in Module 4:

  • How to handle the ethical aspects of being an energy practitioner including: informed consent, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and more.
  • How to maintain healthy boundaries with your clients so the relationship stays professional.
  • How to deal with clients who are self destructive, victims of abuse, or suffering from extreme emotional trauma.
  • The “Ethics Code for Energy Psychology Practitioners” will guide you clearly in how to conduct your practice with professionalism and high standards.
  • How to handle cases that involve other health practitioners (physicians, psychologists, therapists, etc.).
  • Sample informed consent documents, agreements, and procedures you can use in your own practice.
  • And more …

Module 5: Practicing Your Craft

In Module 5 you’ll attend a 3-4 day class to practice and perfect your craft.

You’ll work with expert trainers certified by Energy Psychology Group in a hands-on and guided experience to develop ease and confidence in your practice.

You’ll receive both structured training and practical demonstrations, and you’ll also practice your skills with other members of the class.

The classes are Clinical EFT workshops.

These are held in many different areas all around the world giving you plenty of geographic options to choose from.

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In Module 5 you’ll attend two weekend classes where you’ll work with expert trainers certified by Energy Psychology Group. You’ll receive both structured training and practical demonstrations, and you’ll also practice your skills with other members of the class. It’s common for our students to greatly increase their skills and confidence in this fun, impactful weekend. These are held in many different geographical areas and we will point you to the one nearest you.

  • You’ll quickly become highly skilled with EFT and energy psychology — even if you’ve just started doing energy work.
  • You’ll get valuable hands — on experience and feedback from master trainers..
  • You’ll build new friendships and bonds with fellow practitioners who are on the same wonderful journey that you’re on.
  • You’ll significantly increase confidence in your EFT and energy psychology skills.
  • And more …

Module 6: Demonstrating Your Skills

Now it’s time to start working with other people.

The moment that you first start to use Energy Psychology is an exciting, unforgettable one. Most energy workers experience wonderful personal and professional breakthroughs, even during this very first session with clients.

Once you see the effects that Energy Psychology produces in their lives, you’ll be “hooked” and quickly gain confidence in your new-found skills.

Throughout the process, you'll be guided by an expert mentoring consultant to whom you'll send your case history reports for feedback.You’ll write up three sets of five case histories of clients you’ve worked with and receive feedback from an expert mentor — so you can be confident in your abilities as a practitioner.

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The moment that you first start using Energy Psychology is an exciting one.

You experience personal and professional breakthroughs… sometimes in parts of your life that had been stuck before.

Now it’s time to start working with other people.

In Module 6, you’ll start using your new powers with real people and get precious feedback from your mentor.

With your mentoring consultant …

  • You’ll feel more confident in your abilities as an energy worker.
  • You’ll discover which energy skills that you’re naturally gifted at… and which ones you should spend more time improving.
  • You’ll get tailored feedback on how to improve your practice.
  • You’ll become comfortable and experienced with a variety of cases, so you can be confident in your abilities.
  • You’ll be comfortable with bringing on more clients to your practice.
  • You’ll be excited to make an even bigger impact on the world.
  • You’ll be equipped with the all the skills you need to begin adding energy work to your existing practice.
  • And more …

Module 7: The 5 Step Abundant Clients System For Energy Practitioners

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen with certifications over the years is that people walk away with great skills but absolutely no idea how to offer them to a wide audience.They have the skills, but they can’t get clients. Sadly, many become discouraged and go to a “job” they don’t like and give up on their dream.

I decided to solve this problem from the start of the certification program. This is why I partnered with one of the top marketers in the world, Matt Gallant, to build a marketing system for you that will multiply your client base within six to twelve months.

Module 7 of this certification is a powerful marketing system specifically designed to generate business in your local area.

Matt has created successful marketing systems for over 100 products and services in the last 13 years. They’ve generated tens of millions of dollars for dozens of different industries including: skincare… to fitness services… to health coaching and many more.

He used his marketing skills to become one of the most successful personal trainers in Vancouver in less than 6 months.… He’s built several 7 figure companies (two that have been around for more than 10 years).

He has generated over 7 million leads for his companies. He commands $1,000 an hour for his consulting time (and clients are happy to pay him because he generates 3X to 10X his fees).

This system will help you become the #1 choice and authority in your area. Within 6 to 12 months of following his system, you’ll become the most visible energy healer in your community and have more clients than you ever thought possible.

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Want to 10X your impact in the world?

It’s easy… get 10 TIMES THE CLIENTS.

Module 7 will give you a detailed blueprint for launching or growing your Energy Psychology business.

If you already have an existing business — you can use it to double or triple your revenues.

If you’re just getting started, you can use it to quickly build a wonderful income.

Here is the 5 phase marketing system for energy workers:

  • Phase 1: Choose Who You Want to Serve
  • You’ll discover which energy skills that you’re naturally gifted at… and which ones you should spend more time improving.
  • Phase 2: Create Your 10X Impact Message
  • Phase 3: Get The Right People To Your Website
  • Phase 4: The Consultation System that Can 10X Your Sales
  • Phase 5: Building a Referral System

Each one of these phases has many critical details that will make all the difference in the world.

This module was designed for you by internet marketing genius Matt Gallant. Matt gives you THE RIGHT SEQUENCE OF ACTIONS to take. Everything is laid out step by step. No guesswork. Just follow the system and you’ll get the results.It’s easy… get 10 TIMES THE CLIENTS.

By using this system you will:

  • Get a constant flow of new appointments.
  • Close 75% or more of your “free consultations” into multi — year relationships worth thousands and thousands of dollars.
  • Get steady referrals from your existing clients.
  • Here are some of the strategies and tactics you’re going to get:
  • Want the ultimate win — win? Matt explains how and why you MUST sell bigger packages to your clients. It’s a major win for them because they get the help they really need to heal and change. And it’s a big win for you financially. You can easily make thousands more from each client than you are now.
  • How to easily DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS from the 3 essential traffic sources you need for your practice. The best part is: the #1 local traffic source is WIDE OPEN right now. It’s being completely ignored by 95% of your competitors yet it’s the most valuable traffic source.
  • The platform that Matt’s used to generate TENS OF MILLIONS OF VISITORS to his websites. It’s fantastic because it’s: 100% scalable, controllable and predictable. You’ll get several "make or break" keys that will improve your results.
  • Want to be on the top of Google? Matt gives you 4 ways to be on the first page of Google. And best of all, 3 of these methods are FAST and cheap.
  • How to create descriptions and tags for your YouTube videos. Mess this up and you’ll get a fraction of the traffic you deserve.
  • The 5 types of powerful content you can easily create to build and audience and generate traffic.
  • How to generate a consistent stream of traffic and customers for your business on Facebook.
  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to use Facebook ads to get traffic to your business. You’re going to get several key tactics and strategies to multiply your success, even if Facebook ads haven’t worked for you in the past.
  • Matt’s formula for tripling your website visitors from your YouTube videos. It’s one of the easiest tweaks you can do and every time it triples traffic.
  • 3 foolproof methods for generating inexpensive and qualified traffic to brick and mortar businesses. Best of all: these methods cost almost nothing to implement and can yield MASSIVE results.
  • The most important question you need to ask yourself before you write a single word of marketing. The right answer can multiply your profits by 10X.
  • 12 power questions that automatically help you create winning sales messages and attract the right people.
  • The proven, multi-million dollar sales letter template you can use immediately to launch your Energy Psychology practice. Just plug and play. This template has been perfected by millions in revenue generated.
  • How adding 3 questions at the right place almost always increases sales by 15% to 20%.
  • What you should NEVER DO with testimonials because it almost always lowers results.
  • The exact formula for writing effective headlines that can double your appointments.
  • The type of “compelling content” that produces tons of leads and appointments. Best of all: Facebook and Google LOVE it and will happily send you people.
    Avoid the biggest mistakes 99% of websites make that lower their sales.

  • The C.U.B.A. formula that automatically cleans up all the weaknesses in your marketing.
  • Matt’s proven 20 Step “Power Edit” Checklist that instantly makes your life easier when writing communication to your clients. Just follow it and you’ll improve your marketing instantly.
  • How to “pre-sell” people by educating them. This is one of the secrets to getting a 75%+ closing ratio.
  • How to use “free consultations” to double or triple your business.
  • The exact process you should use during those free consultations to maximize your sales. Matt was making 5X more than the average personal trainer because of this simple, yet powerful process.
  • How to become a local celebrity that will attract all the right people to you.
  • How to set up a no-pressure referral system that will motivate your clients to bring you their friends and family.
  • A simple 2 hour-a-month process that helps build an unbreakable sense of community. This alone will inspire your clients to stay with you for years.
  • And so much more.

No other organization offers this kind of cutting-edge, proven marketing system with their certifications.

This module alone will pay for your certification many times over. If Matt sold this separately, he would be charging at least $3000 for this module and it would be a wise investment.

It is included with your Energy Psychology certification and it’s not available anywhere else.

The Energy Psychology Certification Private Community

Learning energy psychology can be a lonely journey for some — especially if you don’t have many friends, family, or peers who share the same passion for it as you.

However, when you find a community of likeminded people who share the excitement with you, the experience of learning and practicing energy work multiplies exponentially.

You get better at it much faster because you can “speak the language” with other people regularly.

That’s why when you join the Energy Psychology Certification program, you’ll get an invite to our private community.

In the private community you’ll make lots of friends, get support and answers to questions you have while going through the modules, and build strong bonds with other practitioners and energy workers.

What’s The Investment?

If you’re still reading, you’re obviously interested in this program and you’re probably wondering how much it costs.

The short answer to the question is, it depends...

  • It depends if you already have an EFT certification.

  • depends if you live in a developing country.

  • It depends if you take the payment plans.

Even if money is VERY tight, there are several ways you can get started:

A) We have interest free payment plans.

B) We have special grants and payment plans if you live in a developing country.

Please call us now so we can help you find the perfect plan for you, and complete your enrollment:

North America: 1-800-309-9476

United Kingdom: +44(800)0465842

Oceania: +61(1800)842142

Please feel comfortable calling us. Our Certification Guides are here to support you in your certification process to determine if the program is right for you. There will be zero pressure to enroll. If the program isn’t right for you, there’s no hard sell.

Please call us now (or click here to schedule your call within the next 48 hours), using skype ™ links below, so we can help you find the perfect plan for you, and complete your enrollment:

North America: 1-800-309-9476

United Kingdom: +44(800)0465842

Oceania: +61(1800)842142

Our Energy Psychology Certification Guides are available from 9am eastern until midnight everyday (1pm GMT - 4am GMT).

You’re Protected By The Strongest Guarantee
Ever Offered By Any Certification:
A DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll be able to positively change people’s lives with these skills… and build a highly profitable practice — that I’m going to give you an unprecedented

Here’s how it works…
First, you must apply Matt’s step-by-step marketing system (Module 7).

Second, finish the course and get certified.
If after twelve months of receiving your certification, you have not recouped the entire certification fee — just send us an email with your marketing material and we will promptly give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK. I’m not aware of any other certifications, schools or Universities that stand by their training like this.

See What Others Have Said ...

Click the play button on the video to see what others have said about our trainings.

Who Is This Certification For?

See What Others Have Said ...

Coaches who want to learn the latest science-based energy techniques to provide breakthrough change for their clients. Whether you're a health coach, life coach, business coach or sports coach, you'll learn evidence-based skills that boost cognitive function, immunity, decisional ability, and confidence in your clients.

Psychotherapists, psychologists, and social workers who would like to combine their therapeutic process with energy work to achieve better, faster results with their clients.

Doctors and nurses who want to combine modern medicine with the scientifically proven energy techniques to increase their success rates.

Energy workers including alternative medicine practitioners, chiropractors, Reiki masters, EFT practitioners, and energy healers who would like to improve their results... develop NEW skills… and get new clients.

Health experts, yoga instructors, personal trainers, and nutritionists who understand that in order to achieve real breakthroughs with your clients physically — you MUST help them with their emotional, mental and intellectual challenges.

Body workers and massage therapists who would love to help their clients experience emotional and energetic healing.

Retirees who are motivated to help others, including loved ones, and give back to the world.

If you fall into any of these groups… this certification is for you. It has the power to improve your effectiveness in your field… dramatically improve the results you achieve with your clients… and grow your business significantly.

Enrollment to the
Energy Psychology Certification Program Closes
On November 19 2017 At 11:59pm PST So Enroll Now

Because the program begins on November 20th, enrollment ends firmly on November 19 2017 at 11:59pm PST.

You’ll finally have the financial freedom you’ve always wanted… while helping hundreds of people improve their lives.

With your energy skills… your coaching skills and our marketing systems you will 10X your impact in the world and make a great living doing so.

This is living the dream of healing, and sharing it with the world. I've been doing this for the last 10 years and it just keeps getting better!

I look forward to serving you and helping you 10X the impact you're destined to make on the lives of others.

What Are You Going To Do With Your Gifts?

I believe it’s your destiny to help others recover from their pain and traumas. The fact that you’re on this website and you’ve read this far is the proof.

People all around you are suffering and need your help.

You have the GIFT of spiritual awareness. And you have the awareness of the power of Energy Psychology. Do you realize how precious that is? Only a tiny, tiny fraction of the world has these gifts.

The question is: “What are you going to do with those gifts?”

Gifts don’t provide value to us unless we OPEN THEM and USE THEM.

From a Spiritual standpoint, the most powerful thing you can do for yourself and others is to become certified in Energy Psychology and use these skills to help them recover.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing someone HEAL their pain and sorrow.

You have all the ingredients necessary to become a great healer for people.

The Energy Psychology Certification is the last piece that you need to go and help those that are lost and suffering.

Dedicated to giving you the power and confidence to serve,

Dawson Church, PhD, CEHP

P.S. If you didn’t have time to read everything and you scrolled all the way down — here’s a quick summary. We offer a state-of-the-art science-based Energy Psychology certification. You’ll be able to do it from home (except Module 5 and 6 — which is a live workshop and we have plenty of locations to chose from). The certification will train you in the vital energy skills, develop world-class coaching abilities, and give you a powerful marketing system to launch your career confidently.

P.P.S. You’re protected by our unprecedented double your money back guarantee. Please scroll up to read the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone take the training or is it only for licensed therapists, and is there an application process?

A: Anyone can enroll whether they are licensed or not. However, there is an application process and though we decline only a small percentage of applicants, this process is in place to ensure that those entering the course have the abilities required of a practitioner. Certification is our public affirmation that we believe that this practitioner has learned the skills. Those consistent standards are also why our organization is trusted by so many others in the healing field, and other prominent web sites link to our certified practitioner listings.

Q: I see you have live webinars as part of the course. I’m in Europe, 8 hours ahead of you. Are any of these scheduled at a time I can join them?

A: Yes, the webinars alternate between noon PST and 5 pm PST which means that people in all time zones are usually able to attend either one or the other live.

Q: Are any of the trainings outside of the US for participants in other geographic areas?

A: Yes we offer the training in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Q: Many of my clients are dealing with birth trauma and early childhood trauma (and so am I). Nothing seems to help. Not cogitive therapy, not EFT, not other Energy Psychology methods I have tried. Will the course cover this huge problem?

A: Yes, we teach several specialized Energy Psychology techniques for reaching this level. There's an exciting new field of psychology called Memory Reconsolidation and Extinction, and the course translates its experimental findings to practical EP treatments.

Q: I've had some success using Energy Psychology with my own children, but feel I could offer them more. And I'm a teacher and need it every day in the classroom. Does the course cover this?

A: Yes. It's wonderful to give children these tools to use as they're growing up because then they don't acquire the overlay of trauma that many of us had to shed, in order shine to our full potential! There is a whole Unit in Module 2 on Working With Children. There are 2 Units on Advanced Energy Techniques in Module 6 and these apply appropriate Energy Psychology methods to the various developmental stages of childhood.

Q: I work in a psychiatric facility and I'm close to burnout. Can you apply these methods in this type of setting, and can they help me on a personal level

A: Yes. Module 6 has a unit on self — care and burnout prevention, as well as energy exercises you can use between patients to clear your field and de — stress yourself.

Q: I straddle the worlds of allopathic and alternative care. How accepted is this by medical professionals?

A: Many medical professionals are receptive to these methods. Many doctors and nurses have gone through our training, certain modules of which are accredited for CME for doctors (American Medical Association), nurses (American Nurses Credentialing Commission) and psychologists (American Psychological Association).

Q. I am not certified in EFT and am starting this course from the beginning. It says that I must take Live EFT Universe Clinical EFT Level 1 & Level 2 workshops. I live where it is easier for me to take live workshops with a different organization.

A. You do not have to have any prior EFT knowledge to start the Energy Psychology Certification program. As part of the program we offer a solid foundation in Clinical EFT. Therefore, it’s necessary to take Clinical EFT workshops with Certified EFT Universe Trainers who present the scientifically proven EFT curriculum.

Q: I am so happy that most of this program is offered online. It would be much easier for me to take the Workshops online also either by watching the workshop videos or by Skype. Would this complete that requirement?

A: No. We believe that there is transformational power and value in attending a live in person workshop. Each two — day workshop is comprised of 8 learning modules and steadily build your EFT skills and systematically train you in Clinical EFT.Here is the link to our upcoming Level 1 and Level 2 workshops.

Q: I have listened to all of Nick Ortner’s free programs for the last 6 years. I even purchase one in which Dawson was presenting. Can I get credit for doing this extra work since I would be coming into this program with some previous knowledge and self practice?

A: We have a great admiration for the work that Nick and Jessica Ortner have done over the years with the Tapping World Summits. This Summit had done a great deal to get the word out about EFT to so many people all over the world. We do believe that the true educational experience for learning EFT is by attending a live workshop and practice the skills under expert supervision. Therefore, only those who have completed Intermediate certification through one of these organizations, (EFT Universe, EMO Free, AAMET, & ACEP) will receive credit for EFT workshop components of this program.

Q: Do you have special discounts and payment plans for people in developing countries?

A: Yes, if you live in one of the countries listed below you qualify for a special price and payment plan. Here’s the list of the countries that qualify (if your country is not listed, please give us a call and a Certification Guide will be happy to discuss with you):

Lesotho, Cabo Verde, San Marino, Seychelles, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Solomon Islands, Guinea-Bissau, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, The Gambia, Samoa, Vanuatu, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Comoros, Dominica, Tonga, São Tomé and Príncipe, Micronesia, Palau Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu


More Experiences from People Who Have Enrolled In The Energy Psychology Certification And Have Worked with Dawson

Professional speaking and presenting new information in my life has at times been challenging for me in a nerve wracking way. While studying Energy Medicine with Dawson Church, I was given the opportunity to have an EFT session with him regarding this challenge. The results were fast, positive, and astounding! By session end, my anxiety around the issue had turned into enthusiasm and excitement about an upcoming presentation. My break — through revealed the sources of under — lying fears; and more importantly, a new resource for self — confidence emerged. I highly recommend Dawson’s EFT workshops for any person seeking a fuller, happier life free from self — limiting and self — sabotaging thoughts and beliefs.

Randi Berg

I have been extremely interested in EFT for years. After taking the level 1 & 2 trainings with Dawson Church, I am absolutely convinced that this ia a gift that everyone deserves to receive. Dawson has so much scientific as well as anecdotal evidence to support the benefits of EFT, one cannot help but understand the concepts fully and better practice tapping. Seriously, this is one of the easiest, grooviest tools for personal growth and Dawson Church presents it with love and humor and science – you can’t beat that!

Dianne Brooke

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I arrived to this training as a blank slate, with limited knowledge of EFT and no expectations. It is amazing to me how powerful this technique is, and how quickly thoughts and the energy impact around them shift. Dawson’s presentation of the material is vibrant and easy to follow. I have gone from skeptic to excited to continue towards certification.

Gail Rideout

Dawson’s compassion was inspirational. Besides the scientific explanations, I was touched by his loving style of relating to people. It felt safe and tender but as effective as any other teacher I have worked with. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience with these tools!

David A.

Dawson is very adept at conveying the key concepts of EFT. He was impressive with his knowledge, ease of delivery, kindness and love. He lead the workshop in a well — paced manner we felt valued at all times.

Feb Smith

I was very pleased with the workshop, the presenter, and the material. It far surpassed my expectations. Modeling the techniques was very helpful. I look forward to introducing EFT to my clients!

Casey Courie, MFT

I really enjoyed the workshop. The techniques are incredibly useful and very applicable o my practice. A perfect balance of lectures, demonstrations, and practice sessions. I liked the way the material was broken down into bite — sized pieces and taught systematically, it gave me a better grasp of the techniques. Overall, a very satisfying experience.

Lawrence Paternich, RN

The instructors made the concepts interesting and understandable. Their depth of knowledge was superb, and their instructions were clear and concise. I was guided when needed. I am more than pleased with this class and would highly recommend it to others.

Cheryl Shepherd

I appreciate the safe, kind environment. the openness, and the gentle, caring energy throughout the workshop. I thank you deeply!

Maria Puerta

The workshops were taught so well that, even though they were brief, I now feel I have enough ability to be able to introduce EFT into the clinical setting with confidence. I've become certified in many other modalities, such as the Sedona Method, EMDR, and Gestalt, and I can truthfully say that the EFT Universe workshops represented the best of the best in terms of their content, structure, and presentation.

Angie Garner, PhD

Education of the highest quality. This will change my life and my practice. Great class and I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Renny Rogers, LCSW

Seeing the power of EFT has made me excited and motivated to use this technique with individuals with the ultimate goal of promoting complete healing.

Omar Zurita

I loved the way Dawson and Jondi walked around and offered suggestions about our practice sessions. And watching them work was an education in and of itself. I have learned many new skills, especially listening to clients closely. Though condensed, this was an amazingly beneficial workshop.

Nancy Lundy

There’s nothing else quite like experiencing this system live and sharing the experience with others. You improve so much more through the interactions with the instructors, and listening closely to other participants.

Pilar Castro

The demonstrations were very helpful and the presentations were amazing, especially useful in constructing the dialog necessary to be effective with EFT. These instructors know their EFT backwards and forwards, as well as how to work effectively with an audience. EFT Universe has talented, great teachers, who are also very caring.

Donna Bilt

I could not have had better instructors! Dawson is so knowledgeable and brought the techniques to life with real examples. So awesome to work with him. Jondi was great as she responded to my specific questions and she gave me great practical ideas. The workshop was even better than expected.

Tess Trevor

Dawson and Jondi are so engaging and approachable! They are both great inspirations for how to conduct an effective and loving connection with a client.

Ellen Broccolo

I had already been certified in EFT by another organization, but the scientific support, systematic structure, and deep expertise I found in the EFT Universe training took my skills to a whole new level. What I did not expect was the gentility and compassionate energy of Dawson and his team. Thank you so much!

Kass Toole

Dawson’s ‘Body Trigger’ cards and techniques for relieving tension continue to be helpful and the info about neurology added a dimension lacking in workshops with other daily facilitators. I would recommend without reservation, any workshop led by Dawson.

Sylvia Mackay

Dawson's Level 1 and 2 was a fantastic and fun course that will benefit me and my patients greatly.

David Leavitt, MD

A great deal of material was presented very clearly and paced well in Dawson's workshops. I appreciated the chance to practice. I felt people's emotional issues were held safely and appropriately handled.

Harvey Benniston, LCSW

Thanks for integrating current research findings into the instruction. I felt confident that I had been taught all the basic material very thoroughly and given the information I needed and also how to access future research. I was grateful to be able to practice in a safe and nurturing environment.

Melinda Carter - Zale, MD, PhD

I was awed by the way Dawson handled the raw anger of one course member. He gave her the attention she needed while also managing to attend to other participants' reactions and needs. It was a great learning experience for me, even though I have been a psychologist my whole career.

Penelope McBean, PhD

I am so grateful to you, Dawson! You are a gifted and incredibly knowledgeable presenter and coach, but more than that, you are a magnificent human being. Thank you!

Gerald Closterman, RN

By the time tapping day came round, after a great workshop, I saw other students consistently, competently, and successfully use EFT in practice. Thank you, Dawson, for excellent instruction.

Jeremy Benveniste, MD

Dawson is an amazing facilitator. He's caring, kind, and totally walks his talk. I'm thrilled and grateful to have had this opportunity to learn and grow with him. My understanding of EFT increased immensely after this masterful workshop presentation!

Ruth Lanham -Taylor, PhD

I was most surprised at how much give and take was involved in the EFT workshop. This easy exchange of energy allowed us to process and heal on a deep level. Dawson honored everyone's process, and the idea of loving myself, whether as client or coach, become beautifully real to me.

Zelda Joyce Davison, LCSW

I now realize that EFT represents an amazing way to deal with trauma. Dawson was way knowledgeable and gifted in this area.

Prasad Gupta, MPH

It's so fantastic! I want to tap the world! After the workshop, I want to share these amazing tools with everyone.

Andrea Blitte

The EFT introductory workshop flew by in what seemed like the quickest six hours of my life. I want to know so much more. The material was so interesting and he was such a great speaker. I loved all the experiential demonstrations.

Katherine Summers, RN

An engrossing presentation. Dawson strikes a nice balance between research, experiential, and scientific background.

Tom Steffans, LPC

Million bazillion quadrillion thanks! The sessions were wonderful, it was great to feel the healing flow happening in its own perfect timing.

Louise Massey

Dawson Church did an absolutely superb job of teaching EFT, guiding us through important growth experiences, and putting it all in the context of the most recent research in genetics and biology. A truly outstanding training I would recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life!

Fred Sauer, Engineer, former Ford Motor Company executive

This is the best — run seminar I've ever attended, and I've done lots of them!

Deb Elkington, RN, San Diego Veterans Hospital

My life has steadily improved since discovering EFT and EFT Universe. The trainings have been invaluable. Dawson church is a truly human (and humane) teacher, and he is surrounded by staff who enhance the positive impact of EFT. I continue on my road to healing, confident that I have all the tools and knowledge base at my disposal to complete the journey.

Mindy Richards

It was good do discover that revisiting past hurts can be be safe, and that I could finally let go of the negative charge around old problems.

Deborah Pence

The basic concepts of EFT suddenly all fell into place for me during the workshop, and my level of confidence shot up. Dawson's acceptance of everyone was phenomenal. I learned a lot by watching him handle difficult topics in the demos, with finesse, kindness, love, and skill.

Dennis Crick, MD

An excellent workshop in all aspects, it was well — organized and well — presented. I am excited to start practicing EFT on myself and those around me. I would highly recommend these EFT Universe workshops, they are transformational!

Geoff Jack Bannister

This experience was so helpful in learning to help my patients more effectively. The curriculum and supporting material was efficiently presented. Now that I have experienced the excellence of these EFT Universe classes, I will definitely be seeking certification.

Brigitte L. du Montpellier, MD

I have a completely new appreciation of EFT after taking the workshop. It brought me to a whole new level of my learning process. I am going home with some amazing healing tools to use with myself and my psychotherapy clients. An incredible experience. Thank you!

Sylvia Bhaer, LPC

These well — designed trainings with expert EFT instructors are as good as it gets! Jan is a master teacher and a wonderful EFT trainer. She's responsive and courteous, and I am blessed and grateful to have had her for my EFT Universe classes.

Allie McKinnon, PhD

The workshops were transformative for me, and will be of great benefit to my future clients. I initially signed up just for Level 1, but decided it was MUST to continue to Level 2. They were both excellent.

Safiya Omosanya

I have been doing EFT for eight years, and teaching classes of my own, yet the EFT Universe Level 1 and 2 workshops took me to a whole new level of insight into the potential of this healing tool.

Cammy O'Donnel, ThD