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How To Get the Most from This Program

Welcome to the Energy Psychology Certification Program!

I am beyond delighted to welcome you to this program! An enormous amount of time and energy has gone into making it as transformational as possible, for both you and those clients you serve.

The knowledge and information you gain in this course is the priceless distillation of literally decades of work and clinical practice by team members and colleagues of mine. Please read this Quick Start Guide now and become familiar with it, since it contains the essence of what you'll need to navigate the certification program quickly and easily.

Your Lineage

You're "standing on the shoulders of giants," at the pinnacle of a long lineage of human beings who have used energy for healing. As you'll discover in Module 1, that lineage begins in prehistoric times; the earliest evidence for Acupuncture comes from Europe and dates back over 5,000 years.

In the past century energy healing has become established as a scientific practice; on the site of the nonprofit National Institute for Integrative Healthcare of which I am executive director, we maintain a database of studies published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals. Currently it lists over 600 studies. A separate database of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) studies lists over 100. This course and this certification rests on a sound scientific basis.

Time Frame

You can complete this certification course in about 6 months, and I encourage you to keep moving ahead with it no matter what other distractions or activities are going on in your life. Please spend at least 2 hours each week reading and watching the course videos; 3 is better.

Start out by setting up those 2 hour time blocks in your online calendar now. Here's a link to Google calendar. Please delineate these 2 hour periods in your weekly schedule for the next 6 months right now, before you go on to the rest of this page. This small act will be a token of your commitment to acquiring these new skills!

Bookmark the Log In Page

Secondly, please bookmark the home page where you log in. You need to log in to get access to the course, and nothing is more annoying than a lost password or username keeping you out. Adjust your browser settings so that they autofill your username and password on the log in page.

The "Why" of Every Element of This Course

There's a lot of "what" in the 7 modules of this course. We start with the science behind energy healing, in the form of an online training program based on my best-selling book The Genie in Your Genes, and go on from there.

But why is that book and that program the first module? Why is it necessary at all? Why is it necessary to learn the coaching skills in Module 3? You may already know EFT, so why is it necessary for you to read Module 2 and take an online test?

All these and other questions are answered in this brief video, so please watch it next. It tells you exactly why each component is in the course, and why it is structured the way it is. Knowing "Why?" will help motivate you to continue learning the "What."

If you ever feel your motivating flagging, watch this video again. In it I share my high excitement about this course, and that energy will inspire you whenever you participate in it!

Move Through the Course Module by Module

Right now, only Module 1 is unlocked for you. The other modules are locked and you cannot access them. That's intentional, because I don't want to overwhelm you with material. Completing Module 1 is a reasonable assignment for the first month.

Module 2 will unlock automatically a month from now, and 2 months from now, modules 3 through module 6 will unlock. Module 7 will unlock in 6 months.

Module 1 is broken down into 12 parts. They are labeled Step 1 through Step 12. You don't need a whole week to go through each one. Each has a video that is 15 to 30 minutes long, plus a chapter from the book, an audio program, and a transcript of the video.

You can easily watch 2 videos and read the accompanying chapters in 2 hours. If possible, watch the first 2 immediately after reading this Quick Start Guide. Then take the first mini-quiz; you'll be amazed at how much you've learned in so little time!

Honor Your Learning Style

Each module contains material in a variety of formats: video, audio, and written PDFs. The reason for the variety of formats is that people have different learning styles. Some are primarily visual learners and prefer video. Others are auditory learners and prefer audios.

You can download any of the audios onto your mobile device, and listen to them at any time. You cannot download the videos, but you can download the audios. If you want to watch a video on your mobile device, simply log onto the web site and watch it that way.

The audios are the sound track from the videos. They do not contain any information that is not already part of the video, so you get the same information whether you watch only the video or listen only to the audio. There is no need to do both.

The Mini-Quizzes and the Final Test for Each Module

Each Module contains mini-quizzes and a final test. The mini-tests contain a small number of questions drawn from the final exam. The Genie in Your Genes module, for instance, contains 12 mini-quizzes with 5 - 10 questions each.

The mini-quizzes prepare you for the final test. They may even contain some of the questions you'll encounter on the final test, but because the questions rotate through a large pool of questions, you won't get the same ones every time you take the test.

The mini-quizzes are based on the written PDFs only. They do not contain any questions drawn from the videos or audios, which are intended as supplementary material. You can pass the mini-quiz or any of the final tests if you just read the PDFs and do not watch the videos.

It is possible to complete the certification program along with the tests without watching any of the videos or listening to any of the audios and this is the way you might want to do it if you are a verbal learner.

If you're a visual or auditory learner, you're going to find those media useful, but make sure you read the PDFs at least one time because they're the basis for the mini-quizzes and the final tests.

The min-quizzes and final tests are open book exams. I recommend you have the course handouts in front of you on the screen, or printed out, when you're completing the exams. The purpose of the exams is not to confuse or baffle you, but instead to remind you of what you've learned.

If you don't pass a mini-quiz or final test at first, read the material again, then take the exam again. You can take each one up to 10 times, but experience shows that practitioners who read the course materials usually pass on the first or second try.

Practice the Skills

On the navigation bar above, you'll see the links for each Module. Within each Module you'll see further links either on the home page for that Module or in another navigation bar. For instance in the Genie in Your Genes module you'll see a menu bar with links to Weeks 1 through 12.

Each week, I train you in a new skill. Practice those skills in your daily life as often as you can, because these are what you will be sharing with clients.

I'll also send you an email every few days pointing out features of the course that you might find especially helpful.

Whenever you visit this site make sure you log in using the login identity you created when you purchased the program. If you click on a saved, cached, or bookmarked page without logging in, you will receive an error message, so always log in first.

If you run into problems, such as getting an audio or video to play, or a lost password, you can find the solutions on our “Help” page, including customer service.

I celebrate the journey we're on together, and the difference you will make within your own body and mind, as well as the healing you'll bring to other people, in the days and months ahead!

- Dawson Church, PhD

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Please note, that for any venue that is not managed directly by EFTUniverse Trainers (such as Omega, Esalen, PESI or New York Open Center) the participant pays for the event, and after attending sends receipts to support@eftuniverse.com for reimbursement.

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