The Abundant Client System
For Energy Workers

Phase 2 - Creating Your Brand

  1. Three foolproof methods for generating inexpensive and qualified traffic to brick and mortar businesses. Best of all: these methods cost almost nothing to implement and can yield MASSIVE results.

  2. The most important question you need to ask yourself before you write a single word of marketing. The right answer can multiply your profits by 10X.

  3. 12 power questions that automatically help you create winning sales messages and attract the right people.

  4. The proven, multi-million dollar sales letter template you can use immediately to launch your Energy Psychology practice. Just plug-and-play. This template has been perfected by millions in revenue generated.

  5. How adding 3 questions at the right place almost always increases sales by 15% to 20%.

  6. What you should NEVER DO with testimonials because it almost always lowers results.

  7. The exact formula for writing effective headlines that can double your appointments.

  8. The type of “compelling content” that produces tons of leads and appointments. Best of all: Facebook and Google LOVE it and will happily send you people.

After you review this Phase 2 content, upload your branding elements in PDF or a link to your web site to Matt Gallant in PDF format and he will review on the next call.

Copywriting 101: The Most Lucrative Skill In Marketing

Attention Grabbing Headlines and The 3 Questions

Your Origin Story

Problem Solution

Writing Great Bullets

Who It's For Who It's Not For

Your Free Consultation Invitation

Your P.S.

Testimonials and Reviews

Your FAQ

Branding and Design

Your Appointment Form

The Art of Swiping

The Secret to Rapid Copywriting Mastery

Email Marketing Overview

Email Marketing Tips

How to Create a Great Autoresponder Series

Email Style Examples

How to Create a Compelling Gift that Attracts Clients to You

23 Steps To Making Your Copy Stronger, Cleaner And More Effective

Your Phase 2 Toolbox