Module 5

Practicing Your Craft


In Module 5 you’ll attend two weekend classes. These are great learning opportunities, and you’ll work with expert trainers certified by Energy Psychology Group.

You’ll receive both structured training and practical demonstrations, and you’ll also practice your skills with other members of the class. The classes are an EFT Level 1 and Level 2 workshop.

For a list of upcoming EFT Workshops click here.

You may schedule your Level 1 and Level 2 Clinical EFTUniverse workshops at any time that works for your schedule. Simply contact the trainer and provide the coupon code to sign up at no charge as part of your Energy Psychology Certification program.

Please note, that for any venue that is not managed directly by EFTUniverse Trainers (such as Omega, Esalen, PESI or New York Open Center) the participant pays for the event, and after attending sends receipts to for reimbursement.

Coupon code: EPC2016NOW

Advanced Energy Therapies

There are over 30 different schools of Energy Psychology. Each one has merit, and each school has discovered clinical innovations that are useful in specific situations with certain clients. The following videos provide you with a sampler of some of these techniques.

These are supplementary techniques, so they are not part of the requirements for graduation, or a component of the mentoring process, and there is no test on them.

However, having at least an introductory knowledge of Advanced Energy Therapies will supplement your skills as a practitioner.

The following videos demonstrate some of the techniques used in Advanced Energy Therapies. Knowledge of these techniques is not required for certification, and there is no test for this module. However, you will find these a useful supplement to your knowledge and skills.