Module 4

Professional Ethics

Ethical principles are far more than mere rules or regulations - they are maps for bringing out your best as a caregiver and healer. Responding to a lack of articulated and standardized ethical guidelines for energy healing practitioners, we commissioned the publication of two excellent textbooks on the subject.

They are The Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners by David Feinstein, PhD, and Donna Eden, and Creating Healing Relationships by Dorothea Hover-Kramer, EdD. Their comprehensive, case-oriented guidance allows veterans of the field and newcomers alike to work through a wide range of ethical dilemmas before they arise, helping you to prevent professional errors that could hurt you, your clients, and your practice.

In this module you’ll read these two ethics books, and complete an online test when you’re done. Below you will also find mini-quizzes, one for each of the two textbooks.

We recommend you read one of the two books and take the mini-quiz first. Then, read the other book and take that mini-quiz. Once you've completed the two mini-quizzes successfully, you'll be ready to take the full online test.

Reading each book and taking the mini-quiz takes about two days. Please schedule two weekends (or another continuous two-day period) in the coming month to complete this module.

You'll also find several videos that are supplementary to the course. The material on these videos is not included in the mini-quizzes or final test.

Once you're familiar with the many issues involved in professional ethics, you'll find them coming up repeatedly as you practice your skills with others. At the outset of your certification in Energy Psychology, this Module gives you education in ethics that will enable you to set clear boundaries with clients, other professionals, and members of your community.

You'll also identify your "scope of practice" and what you can and cannot do as an energy healing professional. You'll discover how governments and regulatory agencies view the field of complementary medicine (CAM), and the terms and language you must use on your web site, in your marketing, and with clients in order to maintain the highest ethical standards and avoid triggering regulatory reviews and complaints.

Please start the learning process by scheduling the time to read the books and take the quizzes now.

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