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We've arranged this page into two sections, before-purchase questions and after-purchase questions. If you are thinking about enrolling in energy psychology certification, please check out our pre-purchase questions below.

If you've already enrolled and you're having trouble with any aspect of the program, check out our after-purchase questions also below. Whether you've enrolled or not, you can send a question to a real person who will do their best to answer it for you, if you haven't found your answer on this page.
If you're curious about who is answering your support emails, you can meet our Customer Care team members at the bottom of this page. If you have customer service questions, email us, rather than posting on one of or social media sites, which are not monitored by Customer Care.
However, we're confident you'll find your answers below, and if not, you can contact us at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Before-Purchase Questions:

• What if I missed the registration window and now the program is currently closed?

We open enrollment at least once a year so watch your email for the next announcement of when the course will be available.
• What is the time commitment required by the program?
The energy psychology certification program fits right into your existing schedule. Each week, and at your own pace, you learn the skills you'll need to become a practitioner. We believe that a realistic program should work for you, rather than requiring you to wrap your life around it.
For Module 1, we recommend that you watch about an hour of video and do an hour of reading each week. You'll complete Module 1 in 4 to 6 weeks. The books in Modules 2 and 3 each take about 12 hours to read, and the videos about 4 hours to watch. We recommend that you give yourself a month to complete each of those two modules, including the quiz at the end. You can take the live workshops required for Module 5 any time during the course of the coming year. We recommend you complete at least Modules 1 and 2 before the workshop. In your final couple of months, you'll write up the case histories required for Module 6.
Most people complete the certification program within 6 to 12 months.
• After I enroll in the program, how long do I have access to the material in the Modules?
For four years.
• What is your guarantee and refund policy?
We stand behind this course with a unique "double your money back" guarantee and refund policy. If, within one year of completing the program and implementing the marketing plan in Module 7, you have not made back the money you invested, we will refund double the money you paid for it. To claim a refund, send us the marketing materials you prepared for Module 7. We will not consider refund requests until you submit all marketing information, click here for specific details.
• Do I need a password to get into the program?
Yes. After your purchase you will receive 2 emails. The first email will be your payment confirmation and the second email will contain information about finalizing your registration.
It is vital that you read that email because it has your link to the registration page where you create your username and password to access the site content.
• I can't access a video or audio.  How can I watch and listen to them?
This is often the result of 1 of 3 scenarios:
1. An out-of-date browser. You can update your browser by visiting one of three websites:
Google Chrome click here.
Firefox click here.
Internet Explorer click here.  (download link in the top right hand corner when you land on their page)
2. A slower Internet connection. If this is the case, try pressing play and then letting the video load on your computer. You'll see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen that will change color as the video loads. After it's fully loaded, it should play.
3. An incompatible mobile device or incompatible mobile browser. If this is the case please use the site on a laptop or desktop computer with a major browser. (The site supports all major browsers).
• Is there a way to download videos so you can watch later offline?
No, there is no available download for the videos. However, if you save the video page as a favorite or bookmark, you can get back to it quickly.
Don't forget to log in first to be able to watch the videos and bookmark them.
• I thought I downloaded a PDF or audio, but now I can't find it on my computer.
Click an audio to play it, or choose "download" to drop a PDF or a sound file onto your computer or mobile device. To find your download, look in the default "Downloads" folder on your computer, or search "Energy" using the search function on your computer.

After-Purchase Questions:

• I enrolled in the program. How do I access my materials?
You will be receiving an automatic e-mail with registration information after you complete your member registration. You'll have immediate access to Module 1.
If you don't receive the registration information email within two hours of purchase, please email us with an explanation and your order id so we can verify the purchase and manually send your registration information.
• I am unable to log in.
Sorry you are having trouble getting in. Here's a direct link where you can either log in, or, if you've forgotten your password, create a new one.
To protect your privacy, no-one else has your password (even us), so you can just choose "Lost your password?" on the home page, or through the link above, and our automated system will email you a new one.
If you have more than one email address, your temporary password will go to the address you used when registering for the program, so make sure you check that particular email account, and not other email accounts you might have.
• How do I join the Dawson's Facebook group?
You will find instructions in the Module 1 materials about accessing the Facebook Group.
• I can only see the Module____ content, not all the Modules.
The program unfolds on a module-by-module basis. You get access to Module 1 when you purchase it, and then are upgraded to the next Module once you've had a chance to work your way at least part way through the previous Module. This ensures that you master the skills in your current Module before moving on.
Also, remember that you must be logged in to view the content and you may need to refresh your browser to see new content. Instructions on how to refresh your browser can be found here:
• I am not receiving Dawson's emails.
Our emails to you may have wound up in your spam filter, or one of the secondary folders used by Gmail.
Make sure you add these two addresses to your email contacts so that your email provider knows we aren't spam:
However these are not contact emails, so don't send email to us at that address, because it will not be delivered. Our contact email is:
If you're using Gmail, find one of our emails and drag it into your "Primary" tab. Google will then ask you if you want to apply this to all emails from this sender; click "Yes."
• I have received emails saying that I've purchased the program and emails saying I was declined, but I haven't been charged.
We're so sorry that this issue has come up for you! Occasionally we have problems like this with international credit cards. This is happening because our shopping cart accepted your card, but our payment gateway has declined it.
Email us at and we will assist you in completing the transaction manually.

Meet our Support Team!

We have a small dedicated group committed to supporting your efforts. We believe passionately in the online certification course, and its ability to help you and others. Above is a list of frequently asked questions.  Please check them for your answers before emailing support at
Because emails are answered in the order received, please allow 48 hours for a response.
Please provide a DETAILED explanation of your issue, along with:
• Your full name.
• The email address you used to registered for the course (some people have forgotten that they registered with a different email address.)
• The device you are using (Windows 7 laptop, Windows 2000 desktop, iPad, etc).
• The browser you are using (Chrome, IE 7, Safari, etc).
• The exact error message (if you are getting one) with a description of the problem.
When you email support, please understand that emails are checked M-Th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST excluding US National Holidays.  
Behind the scenes is a brick–and–mortar business with regular working hours. Emails received over the weekend and national holidays will be processed the following business work day. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.   If your issue is complex, sometimes emails have to be escalated to the tech team before a response is given.
All the best,
The Energy Psychology Certification Support Team