Energy Psychology Certification
Guarantee and Refund Policy

We stand behind this course with a unique "double your money back" guarantee and refund policy. If, within one year of completing the program and implementing the marketing plan in Module 7, you have not made back the money you invested, we will refund double the money you paid for it.

We will not consider refund requests until you submit your marketing plan that you have utilized for the entire year after completing and graduating from the program.

You must complete all the steps provided in Module 7 The Abundant Client System for Energy Workers in the Energy Psychology Certification as delivered by Matt Gallant.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating at least 3 potential customer avatars
  • Writing at least 1 sales letter
  • Film and upload at least 10 YouTube videos
  • Creating 3 free gifts to use as lead magnets
  • Create 15 autoresponder emails for your automated email campaign
  • Conduct at least 5 free consultations with prospective clients
  • Implement at least 1 of the strategies in the referral system on 3 separate occasions with written documentation of results
  • Launch at least 1 Facebook Ad campaign and 1 Google AdWords campaign for at least 14 days each. There must be a total of at least 5000 unique visitors to your campaigns.
  • Print at least 100 business cards
  • Create a website with a unique domain
  • Write ten, 1000 word articles and post on your blog
  • List the dollar amounts of all transactions received for your services over the year since you graduated.

Any requests please email