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Discover The Unusual Technique That Gets Results From Even Your Most Difficult Clients And Helps Blossom Your Business

Dawson Church

Dawson Church

Dawson Church, PhD, CEHP
Founder, National Institute for Integrative Healthcare

Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant

Kinesiologist, BSc. Science Of Phys. Activity

On this webinar you're going to discover:

  • The scientific reason why your clients fail, even though you’re giving them proven strategies to achieve remarkable results.
  • The unusual technique that gets results from even your most difficult clients and helps blossom your business. You’ll discover 6 clinical trials published in various papers supporting the efficacy of this technique.
  • How to add this transformational technique to your practice as a health coach over the next few weeks.
  • And more…
YES! I Want To My Clients’ Lives
And Blossom My Business

Health Coaches, Fitness Experts And Nutritionists:

Discover The Unusual
Technique That Gets Results
From Even Your Most Difficult
Clients And Helps Blossom
Your Business

  • Are you frustrated with clients who hear your good advice, and just don’t apply it?
  • Have you ever felt that there was more to what your clients needed than diet, health and exercise advice?
  • Do you want to serve your clients better, make more money, and have a thriving practice where your clients absolutely adore you?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Because I have a breakthrough technique that will bring your clients sensational results with their weight loss and health efforts... which will make your reputation and word-of-mouth business grow rapidly.

Most nutritionists and health coaches focus on the “textbook” issues of diets, exercise, deficiencies, macro nutrients, allergies, etc…

Of course, those things are important. They are part of your professional mastery.

However, the professionals that deliver the most outstanding results... who get referred to as “truly gifted”... have all deeply understood the mind-body connection and used this understanding to create fast, permanent results with their clients.

When you master the mind-body connection, you’ll find that your work not only becomes much easier... it becomes infinitely more rewarding.

You see the changes in your client’s life... see her eyes light up as she starts to enjoy life more than she ever thought she could.

It’s more than weight loss and better health... it’s reclaiming her emotional freedom.


The unusual technique I’m going to share with you has been shown in studies to reduce cravings by 83%.

In another triple-blind study it was shown to reduce anxiety twice as much other famous therapies. And it significantly reduced cortisol (which contributes to belly fat) (Church, Yount, & Brooks, 2012). Studies have shown that it’s just only effective for losing weight, but keeping it off.

And what’s even more amazing is that you’ll be able to learn and use this technique in just a couple of hours.

As a health coach, you know that most of your client have more than just a “diet” problem.

We’ve all had the client who knows almost as much as we do.  They understand nutrition inside and out.  They know about every diet plan.  They know exactly what they should do, yet they can’t seem to follow the plan.

For some reason, a strong silent force yanks them off track, no matter how good your plan is.

There’s something deeper going on... and solving this mystery is how I doubled my health coaching results and dramatically increased my word-of-mouth business.

It’s also how I watched my “hard case” clients change and begin to actually love healthy eating and exercise. And as a health coach, I believe that this is the ultimate achievement.

Beyond that, I watched my clients become truly happy... sometimes for the first time in their lives.

When I first began my journey, I asked myself these three questions:

  1. What is the root cause of our clients’ failures (Not what they say is the problem... What’s really happening?)
  2. Why do some clients lose weight, hit their goals then relapse and regain it all back?
  3. What are the keys to helping our clients STICK with their nutrition plans effortlessly?

After doing a ton of research, self-experimentation and meeting the holistic health authority Dawson Church... I finally found the answer.

Now, what I’m going to share with you goes way beyond food cravings... but this statistic is what really got me interested in what Dawson Church was doing to get such amazing results for so many people.



I’ll give you the exact technique (and the study) in just a moment, but first, let’s answer the million-dollar question:

  1. Why does the average woman loses her body weight 9.1 times in the course of
    her lifetime and will go on an average of 15 different diets (Hsu, 2012; Russell, 2014)?
  2. What is the real cause of a client’s failure to change?
  3. What’s really behind their relapses?

I learned that in almost every case it’s not a physical problem... or even a willpower issue… There’s an emotional, energetic, and psychological block at work.

Unfortunately, they don’t really teach nutritionists, fitness experts and health coaches how to help their clients with this critical issue.

If you’ve ever felt guilty for not bringing success to a client, it’s not your fault. I know I was hard on myself when certain clients didn’t change.

I thought I was doing something wrong. I thought I wasn’t doing a good job. I thought I wasn’t giving them the right plan.

I remember Angie. She was was 270 lbs. I created what I thought was the perfect plan. Yet every week she would come in and her weight wouldn’t change. I asked her what she ate and she was completely off the nutrition plan.



Now, I know that’s not the case.  I wish I would've known what I know now. The problem isn’t the “wrong diet” or the “wrong fitness plan”.

What I’ve found through decades of research is that the root cause of our clients’ failures is: unresolved emotional traumas.  Maybe you’re thinking “Trauma? Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration?”

First, let me define trauma as we now understand it. There are two classes of trauma:

The “Big Traumas” that violently sledgehammer your heart. And the “Little Traumas” that quietly scrape at your soul.

Examples of Big Traumas are: rape, violence, getting robbed and all types of abuse. We all understand the emotional and psychological damage these events can cause. These traumas may require years of recovery work or clinical therapy.

Then there’s the Little Traumas. These are events that most people would consider “small upsets”.

But these Little Traumas add up... they impact people in ways that very few understand. You’re about to discover why these emotional blocks stop our clients from reaching their goals.

And as they accumulate... they develop into deeper, chronic problems: Pain... overeating... fatigue... depression... self-destructive habits and countless other conditions.

The Little Traumas come from events where you feel shame, sadness, anger, fear, or guilt... and you don’t know how to process them... so they get buried deeply. For example...

  •  Maybe when your client was 5 years old, her mother was 2 hours late for dinner and she was terrified she would not be fed, or that her mother had abandoned her.
  • Maybe an offhanded comment from a teacher when your client was young gave her a deep insecurity of what she was worth.
  • Or a maybe a “friendly competition” with a sibling created a steady state of nervousness and a need to prove herself.

When people don’t have the tools to deal with emotional pain, they suppress it.  It gets buried into their unconscious memory banks and into their nervous systems.  This sets them up for a lifetime of struggle.  All these add up over time and pile up in emotional and physical stack of baggage.



With the tool I’m about to share with you and your understanding of Little Traumas, you’ll be able to bring fast and permanent results to your clients... physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When you eliminate Little Traumas, your client is free to completely and confidently follow your advice without struggling and using willpower.

At the same time, while they’re following your advice... they start having results faster than you ever imagined was possible... Because suddenly, their body starts cooperating.

The Most Effective Health Coaches Are Skilled At Emotional Healing

Here’s how and why ANY unresolved trauma stops your clients from succeeding:

As soon as ANYTHING in the present moment is remotely similar to those old traumas, it triggers the same emotions as they experienced in the past. And since humans don’t like to experience pain, they will STOP what they’re doing.

This leads to unhealthy eating habits... stress patterns... and relapses.

Here’s an example of how a beautiful, innocent soul experienced this:

When Cindy was 5, her mom was 3 hours late for dinner.  Cindy was really hungry. In her 5 year old mind, she was starving. Her life FELT threatened. When her mom arrived, she gave her some cookies to quickly relieve the hunger.

Fast forward 30 years later, every time Cindy starts to feel hungry, it triggers the same fears she felt (and suppressed) when she was 5. And most of the time, she reaches out to a sugary treat to get that quick relief because it worked in the past.

This is what’s going on with many of our clients.

All the dieting and good advice in the world won’t do a thing if subconsciously, Cindy needs to feel that warm blanket of security she gets from eating sugary treats.


I wasn’t always a huge believer in helping health clients through healing their emotions. In fact, I was quite skeptical at first.

But as I ran into walls where none of my advice seemed to work , I didn’t know what to do.

I would motivate my clients and pump them up every time I saw them. They would leave my office excited. Yet, when they returned the following week, they didn’t follow the plan (like with Angie -- see above).

And of course, they stopped investing money on more sessions when they weren’t getting the results they wanted.

They were frustrated. I was frustrated. I just wanted every client I had to succeed. But all I knew was to prescribe them exercise and nutrition plans and motivate them.

Then a couple of years ago, I met one of the top Energy Psychology experts in the world, Dawson Church. Not only was he one of the most pleasant, heart-centered human beings I ever met, the science and data he shared blew my mind.

He explained how the limbic brain (emotional part of the nervous system) stores unresolved traumas and how many of these impact our eating, our stress, and our health.

As he talked about study after study, I knew this was what I had been looking for.

Dawson gave me the keys I was always looking for.

I Was Even More Blown Away By How Effective These Methods Were,

And How Simple They Were To Learn.
Some Techniques Just Took 5 Minutes To Learn.

Using his techniques, I cleared over 120 “little traumas” from my past in 2 weeks. My entire life transformed before my eyes.

My brain worked better. Answers I needed came to me like lightning.

I was happy 99% of the time “for no reason”. I lost 25 pounds of fat without trying. Even my income shot up dramatically.

Of course, my next move was to show my wife the techniques... and in just 30 minutes she had two life-changing breakthroughs.

Even with all my own successes, it was witnessing the new emotional freedom of the love of my life that truly convinced me of the power of Dawson Church’s techniques. It was just magical to watch my wife sparkle with newfound happiness.

And the best part is, the results LAST. The little traumas get erased from our nervous systems once and for all.

Not only do the health problems vanish... the emotional sting of those events disappear too.

Because of this, people can heal their relationships with loved ones. Grudges and resentments melt away. Seeing all of this happen made me committed to spreading the power of this method myself.

For the past 40 years, Dawson’s passion has been helping people eliminate the unnecessary physical and emotional blocks that prevent them from reaching their full potential. For his entire career, he’s been driven to understand the science behind energy work.

He’s been involved in over 100 scientific studies on energy
healing that have been
published in prestigious
peer-reviewed medical and
psychology journals.

He coordinated with researchers at prestigious universities such as Harvard Medical School, Columbia University, Washington University, California Pacific Medical Center and many more.

His best-known book is called The Genie in Your Genes, has won several awards and is used as a textbook in a number of college courses.

He’s also been privileged to collaborate with many of the top people in the field of personal transformation, including: John Gray, Jack Canfield, Donna Eden, Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Robert Kiyosaki, Christiane Northrup, Neale Donald Walsch, and Marci Shimoff.

In the past few years, he’s trained over 5,000 people. That would be “a lot” for almost anybody, but his vision is to help 10 million people relieve their suffering.

That’s why he wants to help health coaches & nutritionists like yourself learn these amazing techniques, so you help your clients finally break the chains of the past.



It’s called TAPPING (or EFT, which stands for emotional freedom techniques). Maybe you’ve heard about it. Maybe you’ve seen a YouTube video or had a friend mention it.

EFT is the key that makes it easy for your client to follow your advice... and makes her body naturally “cooperate” with your help so you watch weight loss and health improvement happen faster than ever.

With EFT and tapping you can:

  • Give your clients easy tools to quickly reduce cravings and build healthy habits.
  • Transform your client's mindsets and get them to a place where they LOVE following your health advice.
  • Help them forgive themselves when they go off track, so they can get back on track immediately (instead of beating themselves up and quitting).

Here’s how EFT and tapping works

I’ll be the first one to admit that my first reaction when I saw someone tapping was “What the heck are they doing?”

And my second thought was, “How can this possibly work?” That being said, I kept my mind open.

I like experimenting on myself, so I tried it and it worked. And after seeing my wife, my friends, my family and my clients have some of the biggest emotional upgrades of their lives… I couldn’t deny that it worked.

So I started researching the “how”.

We have a meridian system on the body with “special points” that have more electricity than others.

I was extremely skeptical about this so called “meridian system” until I used this cool device called the “Acupen”. It beeps when you put it parts of your body that have more electricity than normal. This helps you identify your acupuncture points.

The Chinese have known this for thousands of years. This is what acupuncture is based on. I became a believer in acupuncture after it helped me recover from a few nagging injuries. This meridian/acu-point system is connected to our nervous system.

When you tap these points, it helps calm the body. I actually drift off into my happy place every time I do acupuncture. It’s extremely relaxing.

Tapping does something very similar. However, with Emotional Freedom Techniques, we go a bit further.

We bring up unprocessed emotional pain, resentments and traumas that are buried in our nervous system (the limbic part).

And when we stay present with that emotional discomfort in our bodies and start tapping, it allows us to eliminate it from our nervous systems permanently. You could call it “an emotional reset”.

It’s quite amazing. I’ve had some of the biggest breakthroughs of my life with EFT. I’ll share a personal example. I got married young with my first wife when I was 24.

The last couple of years of the marriage were emotionally painful for me. I didn’t have the tools to deal with it, so I buried it. After 4 years of marriage, we both knew we weren’t compatible. So we broke up, but I still carried a lot of pain from the relationship.

Fast forward 6 years later. I was DETERMINED to never get married again. I was enjoying being single and ready to mingle. Then I met the most amazing woman of my life. And yet I was still determined that I would never get married.

After being happy together for 3 years, she was ready to get married. My old unprocessed pain stopped me from even considering it.

Thanks to my coach (who was skilled at EFT), we focused on it and within an hour everything had changed. My nervous system was clean. I asked her to marry me 2 weeks later.

We’ve been married happily for 6 years. EFT works. It will transform your health client’s lives:

  • They become more devoted to you than ever because you’re freeing them from the bondage of their past.
  • They experience the best results of their lives, which gives you fantastic transformation stories and more booked sessions).
  • They tell all of their friends about you, which gets you more clients.

After experiencing the life changing benefits personally, I called Dawson and said, “Dawson, I know who needs these techniques and processes... health coaches and nutritionists. This is what’s going to make all the difference in the world for them.”

He invited me to work with him on structuring EFT and creating a special training program just for health coaches and nutritionists.


From the comfort of your own home, you can study the science of EFT and tapping, and within a week, become skilled at using EFT as a health coach.

EFT and tapping will help you stand out from the masses of health coaches as someone who is truly qualified to help your clients get fast, permanent success in their health goals.

Not only will this lead to greater income and prosperity for yourself... you will be able to help more clients than ever before and create countless transformations that make your work incredibly rewarding.

Within minutes of signing up, you can start using these powerful tools for yourself and make your own life your first EFT success story.

You’ll get 13 modules of powerful instruction, including videos, case studies, and a written manual. Here’s what you’re going to get inside the EFT And Tapping For Health Coaches:


Inspiring Stories and Compelling Evidence

  • The fastest way to be known as a “transformational coach” as you help people lose weight and fix physical symptoms through tapping.
  • The remarkable ways that emotional healing can help people with physical health issues like blood sugar problems, chronic pain, the flu, and countless more examples.
  • 11 steps to take if EFT “doesn’t work” with any one client.
  • And more...

The Science that Changes Lives

  • The true science of EFT and how to explain it so even the most eye-rolling skeptics become totally riveted in how they can use it.
  • How to develop a reputation as a “Weight Loss Specialist” by creating nonstop success stories with clients who transform their bodies with your help.
  • The key to cutting the anxiety of any stressful situation in half with just 25 seconds of tapping.
  • And more...

Creating Fast, Wonderful Change with EFT

  • The unbelievably easy way to prove that EFT works to every single client (Master this, and they’ll immediately pull out their credit card to book their next set of sessions with you.)
  • The Master Key to solving any client’s past trauma. (Even if they’ve been to therapy for years, you may find that you fix their problem in 5-10 minutes)
  • Dozens of case studies so you’ll be prepared for absolutely any issue a client brings your way.
  • And more...

Common Questions, Comments, & Problems

  • The Easy Referral Path... so clients brag about you to their friends & family and send you new business.
  • What to do if someone has extreme trauma and it seems like more than you can handle.
  • How to use EFT when a client is on anti-depressants and other medications
  • The secret to saying the “right words” with any client, so you build instant trust and rapport with them.
  • And more...

Powerful Recovery & Transformative

  • The 3 Gentle Techniques that soothe even the most pained and traumatized clients.
  • The Escape Hatch: What to do if your client is just too psychologically disturbed for your comfort level, and you feel like you’re in over your head.
  • And more...

Health Through Self-Image & Self Esteem

  • The Self-Sabotage Dissolver – Bring unconscious habits to light and shatter them immediately with targeted tapping.
  • How EFT can triple the power of Affirmations and bring instant confidence and self-control.
  • How to use the Personal Peace Process on yourself so you’re fully energized and present to help any client (You’ll find yourself doing this all the time once you see how happy and calm you are every day).
  • And more...

Professional Practice Techniques

  • 5 ways to shatter limiting beliefs and help your clients build an authentic and empowering self-image.
  • The magic of “Holistic Humor” and how to make your client laugh their woes away.
  • Tons of case studies to prepare you for every possible situation.
  • And more...

The EFT Master’s Complete Toolbox

  • The reason some fail with EFT and the 3 Fix-it Techniques that quickly take care of the majority of issues
  • How to spot what the real issue is at any time... even if your client is desperately hiding it from you.
  • And more...


These proven tapping scripts are AWESOME. You can just print these out and read them out loud and guide your clients to new levels of success and emotional freedom.

This way if a client has an issue you’re not familiar with, you have a way to guide them instantly. At some point, you’ll be able to create your own scripts on the fly and these are great for you to use right away.

Here’s the list of the powerful Tapping Scripts you’re going to get:



EFT, Cravings And Weight Loss

Several studies show that EFT is effective for weight loss. In an outcome study, participant cravings for treats like chocolate, cake, candy and alcohol were reduced by 83% [1]. A second outcome study of a 6 week online weight loss program showed participants losing 12 lb between the start and end of the program, and a further 3 lb in the following 6 months [2].

And it gets better...

A randomized controlled trial showed that in the year after an EFT weight loss program, participants lost an average of 11 lb. These studies show that not only is EFT effective for weight loss, but unlike yo yo diets, the effect is permanent, and that the skills participants learn result in ongoing weight loss long after the program has ended.

1. Church, D., & Brooks, A. J. (2010). The effect of a brief EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) self-intervention on anxiety, depression, pain and cravings in healthcare workers. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, 9(4), 40–44.
2. Church, D. & Wilde, N. (2013). Emotional eating and weight loss following Skinny Genes, a six week online program. Reported at the annual conference of ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, May. Submitted for publication.
3. Stapleton, P., Sheldon, T., & Porter, B. (2012). Clinical benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques on food cravings tat 12-months follow-up: A randomized controlled trial. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, 4(1), 13-24.

Major Reduction In Depression, Anxiety And Cortisol

The stress hormone cortisol is associated with weight gain, especially around the waist. In a triple-blind randomized controlled trial I conducted with the help of colleagues at California Pacific Medical Center and the University of Arizona, 83 subjects received a one-hour session. One group received conventional talk therapy administered by a licensed mental health professional, another received EFT from a health coach, while the third rested. Depression and anxiety decreased by more than twice as much in the EFT coaching group, while levels of cortisol declined significantly.

Citation (APA Style): Church, D., Yount, G., & Brooks, A. J. (2012). The effect of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) on stress biochemistry: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 200(10), 891-896. doi: 10.1097/NMD.0b013e31826b9fc1

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in The Treatment of Food Cravings

A group of researchers compared Emotional Freedom Techniques/tapping (EFT) to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for food cravings in adults who were overweight or obese in an 8-week intervention. EFT was shown to be as effective as CBT to reduce cravings and dietary restraint.

Citation (APA Style): Stapleton, P., Bannatyne, A., Porter, B., Urzi, K.C., & Sheldon, T. (2016). Food for thought: A randomised controlled trial of emotional freedom techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy in the treatment of food cravings. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, 8(2), 232–257. doi:10.1111/aphw.12070

EFT for food cravings with six month follow-up

This randomised, clinical trial tested whether The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) reduced food cravings. This study involved 96 overweight or obese adults who were allocated to the EFT treatment.

Degree of food craving, perceived power of food, restraint capabilities and psychological symptoms were assessed pre- and post- a 4-week treatment program with a 6-month follow-up.

EFT was associated with a significantly greater improvement in food cravings. Across collapsed groups, an improvement in food cravings and the subjective power of food after active EFT treatment was maintained at 6 months.

Citation (APA Style): Stapleton, P., Sheldon, T., Porter, B., Whitty, J. (2011). A randomized clinical trial of a meridian-based intervention for food cravings with six month follow-up. Behavior Change, 28(1), 1-16.

Benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques on food cravings at
12-months follow-up

Ninety-six overweight/obese adults were allocated to a 4-week EFT treatment.

This randomized, single-blind, crossover trial tested whether participants who used Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) maintained reduced food cravings after 12-months and updates previously reported 6-month findings.

Degree of food craving, perceived power of food, restraint capabilities, and psychological symptoms were assessed pre- and posttest and at 12-month follow-up for collapsed groups.

Significant improvements occurred in weight, body mass index, food cravings, subjective power of food, craving restraint, and psychological coping for EFT participants from pretest to 12 months (p < .05).

It appears EFT can result in participants maintaining reduced cravings over time and affect weight and BMI in overweight and obese individuals.

Citation (APA Style): Stapleton, P., Sheldon, T., & Porter, B. (2012). Clinical benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques on food cravings at 12-months follow-up: A randomized controlled trial. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 4(1), 13-24.

Emotional freedom techniques in the treatment of unhealthy eating behaviors

This feasibility study sought to examine the impact of a six-week Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) group treatment program upon eating behaviours, self-esteem, compassion, and psychological symptoms.

Forty-four students were randomly allocated to either the EFT group.

Results: Results revealed improved eating habits, self-esteem, and compassion at follow-up. Findings provide preliminary support for EFT as an effective treatment strategy for increasing healthy eating behaviours and improving associated weight-related psychopathology.

Citation (APA Style): Stapleton, P., Chatwin, H., William, M., Hutton, A. Pain, A., Porter, B. & Sheldon, T. (2016). Emotional freedom techniques in the treatment of unhealthy eating behaviors and related psychological constructs in adolescents: A randomized controlled pilot trial. Explore, the Journal of Science and Healing, 12(2), 113-122.


If you’re still reading, you’re obviously interested and wondering what the investment is to have incredible success stories with your clients, and grow your business to amazing heights.

We believe that a fair price for this program is $497. In fact, as you watch the demand for your services go up, you’ll quickly see this $497 price as steal.

However, we don’t want price to be a barrier for anyone. Our goal is to get these techniques into the hands of as many health coaches as possible.

So for a limited time, we’re offering this program at the special price of only $197. You’ll recoup your investment with just 1 new word-of-mouth client.

And as the years go by, you’ll see how this investment became a new cornerstone for your career that brought you more prosperity, power, and peace than you ever could have imagined.

So if you’ve read this far, listen to your heart, and click the button below.

EFT will transform your life, your health, and your career. I know, because it did the same for me.

“Double Your Money” Guarantee? Yes, We’re That Sure. 🙂

What I’m going to offer you will sound risky for me, but it isn’t. It may sound irresponsible of me, but it isn’t. It may sound like I’m just carelessly shoveling my own money into your pocket, but hear me out.

First, complete all the course material. Second, you must complete all the quizzes and tests.

This could take you a week or less to finish.

If after six months of adding EFT to your practice, you’re not absolutely blown away with your clients’ transformations...

If you don’t get tears in your eyes when a client suddenly leaps to hug you and cries, “Thank you!”

Then send us a simple email and we will give you double your money back. Yes... we will deposit $394 (2 x $197) into your account... no questions asked.

I don’t know anyone on earth who stands by their product with this amount of certainty. That’s how confident we are this will change your client's life.

Here’s What Students Have To Say About Learning EFT From Dawson

Dianne Broke

I have been extremely interested in EFT for years. After taking the level 1 & 2 trainings with Dawson Church, I am absolutely convinced that this ia a gift that everyone deserves to receive. Dawson has so much scientific as well as anecdotal evidence to support the benefits of EFT, one cannot help but understand the concepts fully and better practice tapping. Seriously, this is one of the easiest, grooviest tools for personal growth and Dawson Church presents it with love and humor and science – you can’t beat that!

Dianne Broke
Gayle Rideout

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I arrived to this training as a blank slate, with limited knowledge of EFT and no expectations. It is amazing to me how powerful this technique is, and how quickly thoughts and the energy impact around them shift. Dawson’s presentation of the material is vibrant and easy to follow. I have gone from skeptic to excited to continue towards certification.

Gayle Rideout
Angie Garner, PhD

I now feel I have enough ability to be able to introduce EFT into the clinical setting with confidence. I've become certified in many other modalities, such as the Sedona Method, EMDR, and Gestalt, and I can truthfully say that the EFT Universe workshops represented the best of the best in terms of their content, structure, and presentation.

Angie Garner, PhD
Omar Zurita

Seeing the power of EFT has made me excited and motivated to use this technique with individuals with the ultimate goal of promoting complete healing.

Omar Zurita
Prasad Gupta MPH

I now realize that EFT represents an amazing way to deal with trauma. Dawson was way knowledgeable and gifted in this area.

Prasad Gupta MPH
Fred Sauer, Engineer, former Ford Motor Company executive

Dawson Church does an absolutely superb job of teaching EFT, and putting it all in the context of the most recent research in genetics and biology. A truly outstanding training I would recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life!

Fred Sauer, Engineer, former Ford Motor Company executive
Sylvia Bhaer, LPC

I have a completely new appreciation of EFT after taking the course. It brought me to a whole new level of my learning process. I am going home with some amazing healing tools to use with myself and my psychotherapy clients. An incredible experience. Thank you!

Sylvia Bhaer, LPC


Read my final thoughts below, and if you resonate with any of them, this course is perfect for you.

  • EFT and Tapping For Health Coaches is for you... if you understand that to achieve real breakthroughs, you MUST master the mind-body connection to help your clients.
  • EFT and Tapping For Health Coaches is for you… if you find the power of energy work fascinating and would love to create faster, better results with your clients that give permanent change.
  • EFT and Tapping For Health Coaches is for you… if you understand that learning EFT will transform your personal and professional lives.

If any of the above is true, then click here.


I believe it’s your destiny to help your clients recover not just from nutritional deficiencies but also from their pain and traumas. Your clients have deep emotional wounds that are the root cause of their pain and struggle.

You have the GIFT of Spiritual Awareness. And you have the Awareness of the Power of EFT and tapping. Do you realize how precious that is? Only a tiny, tiny fraction of the health coaches have these Gifts.

The question is: “What are you going to do with those Gifts?” Gifts don’t provide value to us unless we OPEN THEM and USE THEM.

The most powerful thing you can do is to use these skills to help them recover, and experience true transformational breakthroughs. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing someone overcome their challenges and achieve their full potential.

Dedicated to giving you the power and confidence to serve,

Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant,
Kinesiologist, Bsc. Science Of Phys. Activity

P.S. If you didn’t have time to read everything and you scrolled all the way down — here’s a quick summary. This program will train you to build EFT skills that will heal your clients’ emotional wounds and naturally lead to simple weight loss, better health, and a renewed happy life.

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1. Can anyone take the training or is it only for licensed mental health professionals?

Anyone can enroll whether they are licensed or not.

2.  Are there any parts of the course that I can’t take online?

No. The quizzes, videos and other multi-media content is entirely online.

3. Is there a fixed amount of time for taking the course?

No, however we recommend that you maintain your momentum by completing it in 30-60 days. Dawson will send you regular emails to motivate you to keep moving through the course.

4. How many hours will it take to complete the course?

People with an average reading speed can complete the course in a month if they spend a 1-2 hours per day moving through it.

5. I'm a teacher and need it every day in the classroom. Does the course cover working with children?

Yes. It's wonderful to give children these tools to use as they're growing up because then they don't acquire the overlay of trauma that many of us had to shed, in order shine to our full potential! There is a whole Unit on Working With Children. It applies EFT to the various developmental stages of childhood.

6. I work in a stressful setting and I'm close to burnout. Can you apply these methods in this type of setting, and can they help me on a personal level?

Very definitely. The course emphasizes self-care and burnout prevention, as well as EFT techniques you can use to de-stress yourself after work.

7. I straddle the worlds of allopathic and alternative care. How accepted is this by medical professionals?

Many medical professionals are receptive to these methods. Many doctors and nurses have gone through our training. Our live courses are accredited for CME for doctors (American Medical Association), nurses (American Nurses Credentialing Commission) and psychologists (American Psychological Association).

8. Will I be certified in EFT after I take the course?

No. However the course is the first step toward EFT certification, and if you apply to become a certified practitioner, you will receive credit for having taken the course. We will contact you about certification when you complete the course, and you can decide at that point whether this feels right to you.

9. What happens if I don’t complete the course in 60 days?

No problem. You have lifetime access to the course.

10. I have many clients who could use EFT. Can I use it after I take the course?

Yes, we encourage you to try it on your own issues as well as those of others, provided they give you informed consent and understand that you are not fully trained or certified in the method yet.

11. Does the course tell me how to use EFT with special groups like sports teams, business teams, community groups and others?

Yes, there are sections of the course showing how EFT is applied to special populations like those above.

12. I’m not technologically inclined. What if I have technical difficulties with the course?

We have a dedicated customer support team that will give you prompt and courteous assistance.

13. When can I start the course?

You can start the program at any time after you’ve purchased it. You’ll be guided through it module by module by email reminders from Dawson. We’re committed to you completing the course because we believe you’re going to find these techniques extremely powerful.

14. Do I need a password to get into the EFT course?

Yes. After your purchase you will receive 2 emails. The first email will be your payment confirmation and the second email will contain information about creating your username. It is vital that you read that email because it has your link to the registration page where you create your username and password to access the site content.

If you are don’t see the emails in your inbox, please check your spam folders and your email settings with your email provider.

15. Do you have special discounts or scholarships available?

Because we believe these tools are so powerful and we’d like to see them in the hands of everyone, we’ve made this course as affordable as possible. We are not able to offer further discounts or scholarships.

16. What are your terms of service and privacy policy?

You can find our full terms of service and privacy policy here



Chubby Issues, Janet Smith

“I have always had a serious propensity for all foods sweet and creamy—and a reputation for having an unquenchable appetite for such things.

I always seemed to sabotage myself by indulging in ice cream or chocolate.

A lightbulb went off when I read an article that a woman’s cookie craving came from a childhood experience of not being nursed as a child.

My mother had tried to nurse me but wasn’t able to.

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize this until I lost a lot of weight and became rather emaciated. I was horribly unhappy and colicky, and it wasn’t until I was put on formula that I became a happier and (very) chubby baby.

As long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight and my love of sweets. It all makes sense when I think back to my childhood.

I also brought up vivid memories about my mother telling me how beautiful I could have looked in my prom dress—“if you could just lose five more pounds, it would be perfect.”

“I decided to try EFT on my similar issue, linking it to the idea that I associate sweet and creamy foods with the comfort and security I never got as a baby, because I was starving and denied the food I so desperately needed.

I also brought up those painful memories.

I started shouting as I tapped, and my eyes started to tear, thinking about all the hurt that those statements had done to me over the years.

And then suddenly that started to fade, and I started to embrace the idea that I could be lean, strong, and beautiful.

I could erase those hurtful words and forgive all the people who had contributed them.

I started to smile and feel strong and confident in myself, and the best part was the overall sense of relief I was starting to feel.

I could finally imagine my body being lean, and I could imagine feeling beautiful because of it.

By the time I finished, I was feeling lighter, I was smiling, and I was barely able to picture a piece of chocolate in my mind!”

No More Gum Addiction And Raisin Binging, Linda Compton

At one point, I started a class for women called the Roots of Weight. At the third class I taught EFT and the women tapped for everything from chips to cigarettes, Milano cookies, StarBucks peanut butter cookies, wine, and vodka.

One woman said she had the unusual habit of chewing eight packs of gum every night. She would fall asleep chewing gum, wake up two hours later, and eat a one-pound pack of raisins. Then she would chew more gum and fall asleep. She would repeat this cycle every night. She told me, “I have a master’s degree in psychology. I should be able to stop this, but I feel out of control.”

She tapped for the raisins only and ten days later, she still doesn’t want them. She told me she looked at the raisins on the shelf and thought, “Oh, there are those raisins.” She had no desire to eat the raisins. She didn’t crave them anymore at all. And although she was happy about the raisins, she said the intensity of the craving for the gum increased. Next, she tapped for the gum chewing. She called a few days later to say that she had not had any gum, nor did she want any. She had four packs in her drawer and had absolutely no craving for it.

I spoke with her shortly thereafter and she said this is a miracle. She has been doing this behavior of chewing gum and eating raisins all night for two years. She made numerous visits to the doctor and was told not to worry about it, that it would soon pass. She even brought up the idea that she might have a nutritional deficiency, like a lack of chromium, but the doctor told her the research wasn’t in on that. She is ecstatic.

She is not the only one in the class who stopped cravings. Another woman eats five small donuts a day. She is down to one and a half. Another ate three bags of corn nuts last Wednesday and is addicted to potato chips, pork rinds, and anything salty. She told me she hasn’t had any of those items since she tapped for her cravings.

I tapped for sugar with the class and haven’t had any since. I have also let go of coffee, popcorn, and ice cream. And although we could be tapping for all these food items at one time, I know that particular cravings are motivated by particular emotions and sometimes physical conditions.

One friend let go of the grief she had been feeling for her deceased mother. There were songs she could not stand to listen to and is now okay with. Another client let go of coffee and her fear of selling real estate. She now is working full time selling real estate and teases me about “f-ing up her coffee thing.”

This is so wonderful. The woman with the gum chewing habit demonstrates how large this whole energy psychology is. She just can’t believe she only had to tap once to heal it.

Eliminated Peanut Addiction, Collette Streicher

My client, Chris, sent me this great letter about how she eliminated a peanut craving with all the details and some humor, too. She hopes it can help others.

Dear Colette,

I am writing this note to tell you how much the EFT has been helping me with food cravings. What I absolutely love about working with this tool is the flexibility and availability of using my fingertips to conquer problems that used to overwhelm me.

I have long struggled with food issues. I know I have a lot of great reasons to lose weight, but I could never get past the thought that I would have to let go of food that I really loved, especially peanuts.

If I were ever stranded on a desert island, it would be a long, long time before I starved because you can bet I would have a huge pack of peanuts in my purse, one in a certain pocket of my briefcase, and if I had driven to that island, there would be a jar or two rolling around on the car's floorboard. So, as I've learned, from you and others on the EFT website, I started with whatever feeling came up first.

  • Even though I really can't stand the idea of giving up peanuts, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I'm angry that I am forced to give up peanuts…
  • Forced? Who was forcing me? I couldn't think of anyone standing between peanuts and me. So I went with that.
  • Even though I don' t know who is forcing me to stop eating peanuts…
  • Even though it is me who is being so forceful…
  • Even though I feel forceful when I am eating peanuts… Now this rang true for me. I have always known that part of the appeal of nuts for me is the physical crunching and chewing. I guess I feel like I am getting somewhere by doing all that chewing.
  • Even though chewing and crunching feels forceful…
  • Then as I was tapping the above statement, it came to me. I used to get angry at my ex-husband, the one who was constantly nagging me about losing weight.
  • Even though my ex tried to force me to lose weight, I ate anyway, 'cause nobody can stop me if I don't want to stop.
  • Even though I can't say anything about not wanting to lose weight, I can chew and chew these peanuts forcefully.

Then I really got it that the act of chewing was about biting back my feelings and biting back my words. I could feel the anger in my jaws! By this time I was just tapping on the points with these Reminder Phrases:

  • This biting back my feelings.
  • This biting back my words.
  • These angry jaws.
  • These forceful jaws.

Then I felt sad because that was the only way I could express myself in that situation, so again, I tapped on:

  • This sadness.
  • This peanut sadness.
  • This chewing sadness.
  • This feeling alone.

Then I felt better, so I stopped. Most of the anger was gone. I didn't test myself, because I was a little melancholy that I had to do all this work around peanuts and chewing. I could have tapped on the shame of having this issue in the first place, but I didn't. I know if I had been in a session with you, we might have gone deeper, but I felt satisfied at the time. In fact, I didn't really think to see if peanuts still had a charge with me. I started doing something else.

The oddest thing (though maybe not to you) was that I didn't even think about peanuts again until I was in line at the bank and I saw the emergency package I kept in my purse. I hadn't eaten peanuts in days! Then it became weeks. I can truthfully say I am not peanutty anymore!

Notice Chris's references to anger, sadness, shame, and feeling alone. These are all aspects of the issue with her ex-husband. If the peanut craving came back after this session, or if the overall food issue persisted, I might look deeper into the specific events with her ex-husband, or see if there is something similar in childhood to address.

Chocolate Cravings and Childhood Poverty, Sergio Lizarraga

A friend was struggling with her weight issues. I introduced her to a basic routine of EFT to help eliminate her chocolate cravings, which were the major contributor to her overweight problem. But when she tapped for her chocolate cravings directly, it did not help at all. When we talked about it later on, she told me about her childhood in poverty and how she could not have candies or chocolates then. Now that she is an adult she wants the chocolates she could not have as a child. I suggested tapping on:

    • Even though I could not have chocolate when I was a child, I deeply and completely accept myself.
    • Even though I wanted a chocolate when I was a child…

Three weeks later she contacted me again, very happy. She says that by doing the tapping in this way her craving totally disappeared. Now she is losing weight and feeling much better. Needless to say she is using EFT for a lot of issues in her life and for her family as well.

Something interesting to mention here is that I have never met my friend in person. We got in touch through a Spanish EFT webpage that I own. All the conversations and ideas shared have been done through instant messages and emails!